Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Magic of a Winter Woodland

 We've had snow lately. With it came some pretty pictures I got to take with my lovely camera. :) 

 Yesterday it was sunny, and things were melting. There was ice all over... perhaps we had freezing rain one night? But really, it was lovely. The ice on the trees sometimes shone all silvery... beautiful. So after taking pictures in my yard and all, I went out toward the woods through the field that our house is peninsula-ed in. ;) 

You can tell there was wind from these ripples in the snow.

This- I love this! The cornstalk is made quite beautiful by the ice surrounding it. :)

 Then the woods had some pretty things to capture. The bushes and undergrowth were ladden with snow, and icicles hung here and there. :)   

Now these are some of the pictures I took around my house and all.

See the ice coating on this tree? :D It's pretty cool.

Here is ice on the leaves of our magnolia tree. :)

 I took this picture a different day. It just kind of shows simplicity. white, reletively smooth snow all around, on a cloudy day. And then that interesting little swirly shrub thing pocking out of the ground. Hm. :)

 Well I hope that was interesting. Yay for photography! ;) 


  1. They look great! We got a lot of snow too. I love how peaceful and fun snow can be.

    1. Thank you! Yes, snow is nice and peaceful... when there is no wind. (: And it can be lots of fun! :D