Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"These are a Few of My Favorite Things" Tag

 I was tagged by Shantelle @ A Writer's Heart for the "These are a Few of My Favorite Things" tag. 

SO, that is what I am doing today! It sounds fun! ;)

Okay, ten of my favorite things... only, I don't even know if these are all my favorite things. :P That's me- hardly has any favorite anythings!


1) Nature!

 I love the country, forests, nature... and all the beautiful natural things I can find to take pictures of!

2) Old things\Vintage

Like old attics, old cameras, lace, old cars... old everything! :D

3) Cute animals

                                       from pixabay.com

  Such as foxes. We saw one the other day, and it was so cute! <3

4) Wonderful Christian Fantasy Books! 

5) Campfires and night-time fun with friends and family <3

 Doesn't it just sound amazing? Sitting around a fire with your cousins\friends all around, roasting marshmallows... *sighs!!* (July, come soon!! ;) )

6) Pictures!!

I really like pictures. It's not surprising, since I also love to take pictures. ;)

7) Food!!

 I like eating food, making up food recipes, and taking pictures of food! 

8) Fashion

As in, clothes and dressing up nicely- things like that. I've also enjoyed designing clothes since I was younger. 

9) Paper and pens\pencils + other artsy things. ;)

                                          from pixabay.com

I'm an artist, so I need these things. ;) When school is about to start and the plain notebooks are super cheap, I'm happy. :D

10) Rope swings 

There's almost something charming about a rope swing... :)


And now, for the tagging. I'm just going to tag anyone and everyone. :D That's the easiest way! 


Write ten of your favorite things, and

...Tag three other people

If you end up doing it, I'd be happy if you let me know by commenting. I'd like to see what your favorite things are! ;)

So that is that! :) I sure hope you enjoyed!


  1. Mmm, I love all of those things as well! Ah, aren't campfire chats with friends and family just wonderful? <3

    I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I too love photography! My dad gave me his old DSLR two years ago, and I bought a new one last summer. ^_^ There's just something so wonderful about capturing color, memories, and nature. <3

    I love artsy things, too. :D Inky pens, sharpened pencils, clean pages, words and pictures to be poured forth. ^_^

    1. Yes, campfires are awesome! :) We're having a family reunion this summer, and I hope we have lots of campfires to chat around at night!

      Yay for photography! I'm glad you love it too. :D It is wonderful to capture those moments with a camera. ^__^

      Yes, those art things! :) It's cool to see what we have in common! ;)

  2. I enjoyed this post. Aren't rope swings romantic? Our swing broke, and my dad used chain to fix it, but it's still cool :)

    1. Yes, rope swings are quite romantic. :) We need to make one at our house. The one in the picture above is at my aunt and uncle's.