Thursday, November 17, 2016

Currently in November

   Time for my November currently post! Can you believe the month is half over already? 


\\WELLL, of course, the weather news comes first. :P Right now, it is warm outside. *rolls eyes* Maybe I better just stop mentioning the weather on my blog, 'cause it's a bit like a roller coaster. :P At least the nights have been cold. But all the leaves haven't even fallen off the trees! What's Christmas going to be like, I wonder? 

\\I've recently driven in town twice. :) Like, big town, with lots of cars... and I've gotten some night hours (even though they're more like dusk hours). ;) So yea, getting better at driving! :D

\\My family and a few other people packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. :)

\\Red moons. Aren't those supposed to not be common? Yet I've seen so many! Last night there was one, so I went out to take pictures (even though my camera can hardly zoom :P) 

   I was using a slow shutter speed... and the window on our vehicle was wide open, so my sisters were climbed in there. When they were coming out I decided to take a shot of "the evidence". :P Yea, the camera was a little slow at capturing the evidence of the car break-in. Haha. :P


\\Really not much has happened recently...


Sky's Bridal Train by Margo Hansen

    I won a paperback of this book in a giveaway, and it's REALLY good! I read til midnight last night. ;) I suppose that's not my November record... I seems like I stayed up until 2 in the morning or something, re-reading my sister's not-yet-published book, Silver Rose. :D I read the first part, so now I need the second. I'll probably finish Sky's Bridal Train first, though. It's a fairly small book, so that won't be hard. ;) 


I've made a few things recently.

\\I crocheted a very small purse. ;) I had made up a crochet stitch (it's probably a real stitch) and all was going well- then it started getting narrow. :| Ugh. So I crocheted the sides together (just in a way I thought up, but may it's the right way? IDK) and made a purse out of it. :) I put it in one of the boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

\\I made a few doll things. I got an American Girl doll when I was 12, and still have it. It mostly sits on my shelf now, but I do like making clothes and dressing it occasionally. ;) So me and my little sister made doll skirts. :) Below is the one I made. I made a gathered skirt like that for my other little sister's barbie recently too. :) And I made a doll skirt for that little sister too. :D

   That kind of wacky "outfit" in the top right corner is my part-way finished attempt at making a medieval\pirate\warrior woman type outfit... something like that. :P I need to make leggings though, to replace those bloomer whatevers. :P So yea, my sewing stuff.


\\Thanksgiving! It's coming up very quick. :D Me and my little sister are going to make apple pies. :)

\\Christmas! :) Although it hasn't exactly felt like it's coming yet, so...

\\More driving! I've got to get it down so I can pass my test on the first try! I DO have like, six or so months before I can take the test, and around 55-ish hours left to drive... so I don't need to think about that yet. :P

\\the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie! I just saw the official trailer yesterday! :D I think it's coming out spring of next year? Oh, and there are a bunch more awesome-looking Christmas movies and all that I want to watch! See them here.




  1. Oh! I SO need to do one of these posts! But I've been working on a different post that is TAKING FOREVER!! I really need to get that done. I have two more ... umm..."sections" left to write. ;P
    I seen the trailer for "Beauty and the Beast" the other day, but my sister had the sound off when she showed me and refused to pause her Pandora for that short trailer. *rolls eyes* yeah, so I'd like to see it again sometime - with sound. ;P
    I can't believe Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! Here I was looking forward to it, and thought I was ready when BANG! It's here. ;D
    I went Christmas shopping once already, and I have gifts for four people done and wrapped - waiting fro a tree to be put under. Though I'll probably give my cousin her gift when she comes for Thanksgiving. And if we have the agreement that we've had the other years, it'll sit under her family's tree till Christmas.
    That doll skirt you made is cute. <3
    So, my library doesn't have that book you're reading, and now I'm mad at them. ;)
    Enjoyed this post. =D

    1. Yea, posts can take SO long! :P
      It'll be exciting to watch it when it comes out! :D Yea, you need to watch it with sound. ;) It looks good.
      It's just coming up really fast, isn't it? This whole year has been flying by... and now 2017 is just around the corner!
      I better start working on presents... I have like, NO MONEY, so I'll probably have to make some things, which takes awhile...
      Thanks! :)
      Haha, yea, I have like 5 chapter left, and it's been good... that's too bad your library doesn't have it.

    2. 'Now 2017 is just around the corner.'
      It's like 45-ish days until 2017.

    3. I know! So crazy... I'm going to be graduated before I know it, if this keeps up! ;P

  2. Sounds like you've been having a fun November! =)
    Haha, maybe we should switch locations. It was chillly today! The weather is kind of fluctuating though, but all-around, it's been chilly. *shivers*
    Ooh, shoe-boxes? We did that a couple times, and it was sooo fun!!! Do you guys have shoe-box parties where you live? Our home-school group hosts a shoe-box party sometimes, where we pray over the shoe-boxes, play games, and all in all just have a great time!
    RED MOONS?! SO jealous, girl! =) We just had a supermoon over here where we live, but I didn't get to see it at it's peak. =( I really want to see some more pictures of these red moons!
    I love that skirt you made!! You should seriously start selling the stuff you sew! =)

    1. Yep, it's been good- and it'll get better once Thanksgiving comes, in about five-ish days! :D
      Yea! Could you send some of your cold weather over here? :P Haha! But I want it to feel like the right season... and then I can wear coats and boots and scarfs all the time. ;)
      We did it with our homeschool group... but we planned it so suddenly, only my cousins and aunt, and one other person came. ;) We still filled a lot of boxes, considering! Next year we want to plan it sooner, so we can get lots of people and lots of stuff. :)
      Yea! I think I've seen two recently. They're pretty cool. I think I saw the supermoon too...
      Thanks! I think I can design things fine, but my sewing might not be neat enough. ;P I DO want to find something to start making and selling though...
      YES! It's going to be great! =D

  3. So cool that you sew! :D
    I just transformed one of my maxi skirts into a dress, and I think it turned out pretty nice, except I would have liked to work with less stretchy material. :)
    I also finished a couple Christmas gifts, but I don't dare to say what they are until they are opened! ;)

    1. Yes, sewing is fun! ;)
      Oh, cool! Stretchy material would be more difficult to sew with.
      Yes, of course! ;) I might sew some Christmas gifts too... since I don't have money to buy them. :P

  4. I am seriously SO excited for Beauty and the Beast. *dies* March 2017, come soon! (but yet no because time is not allowed to go faster!)

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to it! :) With the way time has been flying by, it'll probably come fairly soon. ;)

  5. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving and Beauty & the Beast!! And I recently received Sky's Bridal Train, too! I'm almost finished with a novella I started reading, so I'll probably finish that up tonight and start Sky's Bridal Train tomorrow. :)

    1. Yea, me too! :) Oh, that's right! Isn't it a pretty book? Yea, I finished it last night, and it was a sweet story! :)

  6. Ooh, you've been doing so much fun stuff, Natasha! I love packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child, it's so fun :D. We haven't had time to do them this year, but I hope we will.
    I'm super excited for Beauty and the Beast, too! It looks like it's going to be AH-MAZING.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Yea, packing those boxes IS fun! ;D It's nice to be able to bless kids in need. :)
      Yea, I think it will be! =D

  7. Christmas Child! My family and I are doing that this year. It is so amazing.
    Yeah, there was a Supersize moon last week I think- I got some good shots of it, but we barely got to enjoy it because we were moving hay in our horse fields. xD Oh well- God's creations are always amazing!
    THANKSGIVING. I am soo *hungry* excited. :D
    YHVH bless!
    -Angela |

    1. Yea, it's fun. :)
      That's cool! I think I saw it too. :)
      YEA! Thanksgiving is great! :D

  8. We did Operation Christmas Child this year too! Only we did it online. :)

    1. Oh, cool! It's a pretty neat organization. :)