Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Overnight Babysitting "Adventure"

  Can this count as adventure? Why yes. ;) Not fast-paced adventure, not at all. I did experienced boredom while me and my older sister babysat our cousins for four days and four nights. ;P Sometimes I really wanted to go home... BUT it was still a form of adventure, because #1 it was something different and #2 it caused me to be more myself with those besides my immediate family. ;)  

So some of my need for adventure was full-filled. Or maybe you think I'm crazy for calling this adventure. ;P 

Anyhow, I'll tell you a bit about my past four\five days (not counting today). 

Me and my sister drove there the night before my aunt and uncle left, and we drove right past their house... I thought I'd be able to recognize it, but no. ;P I'd only been there once, and it was dark. But we got there with help from my mom on the phone.

We were babysitting 7 cousins (one was old enough to babysit, but not overnight). You definitely had to be on your toes when the littler ones were running around, but I think it gave us good practice. :) 

Of course, I took pictures while there. ;)

We watched movies, played outside, baked biscuits and ate them for a picnic along with grapes and strawberries. :D 

 One day was really nice, and I painted my nails outside. ;D The colors between my purple nail polish, (amazing) yellow coat, and the blue table made me go get my camera. But seriously, I love these colors!

And then there's the wood... and my boots. <3 I think I grew to love them more wearing them all the time these past days. ;P

The next day after that warm day, though, it was REALLY cold. Me and three of my cousins walked down the long driveway to get the mail, and... yea, cold. The wind was blowing right into us. My eyes were watering, and running in that cold makes your lungs hurt. We stopped for a break in an Amish phone booth, though. ;) That was kind of cool, because I've never been in one.

One day we went home for a visit, and it felt amazing. Maybe it was because I was bored a lot. *shrugs* 

The night before our last day there, the lights went out. The kids thought it was fun I think, at least for a while. But I was so ready for it to come back on! We really take electricity for granted. After they came back on, me and three little cousins made chocolate chip cookies. *smiles* They turned out pretty flat, but they were delicious non-the-less!

The last day may have been the best. We even got Chick-fil-A for supper. :D I got the amazing spicy chicken sandwhich. Seriously, I got it the last time I had Chick-fil-A too, and it's so good! It's kind of cool that I actually have something I like to get a lot at a restaurant. ;P Because we don't go all that often. (oh, I said I like to get "a lot", but I think I've only gotten this 3 times. ;P

OOO-K, after that Chick-fil-A rabbit trail... We also cleaned the last day. And watched Little House on the Prairie, although we (or just the kids) watch it other days too. I'd like to watch all of that show. :)

Then that night my aunt and uncle arrived back home, and me and my sister left for home soon after. It felt pretty nice to head home, zooming down country back-roads. *sighs* :)

So anyhow, despite the times I really wanted to go home, my first experience overnight babysitting was good, and I'm glad I did it. Well YEA, lots of money in my pocket. ;P But I may have made some simple good memories as well. ;)

NOW I'M READY TO SHOP!! =D Haha, but it's true! 

By the way, today I went on a more adventure adventure. It involves going out in the woods with a couple younger siblings, getting convinced to crawl through a sinkhole "tunnel", and lots of picture-taking. ;D I was going to say maybe I'll get to posting that before the month ends, but now I realize we actually have almost a week! Wow, I thought there were only a couple days left, for some reason...



  1. I enjoyed this post a lot!
    I'VE never babysat over night -- but my sisters have. Not many people go places, I guess... and if they don't use me to babysit. (shucks)
    The pictures are wonderful! I love the one you got of the basket. Looks a lot like a basket we used to have... until it "died". ;P
    Mostly when I earn money - I set some aside for savings, and the rest? I go on a shopping spree! ;P
    The last time I earned a lot of money I spent it on our trip to my grandpa's ranch. =D (I just realized that I mostly earn money for cleaning... haha!)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
      Yea, my first time. :)
      Thank you! Yea, it did make an interesting picture. ;)
      Yea, I should REALLY put pretty much all of it in savings (*whispers* since I'm in debt!) but that would seem like kind of a waste to me- I love having money to spend! :D Now I can buy books and clothes and frozen yogurt... and yea, whatever else. ;P (I guess my "savings" isn't exactly a savings, because it's the money I'm using to pay something off. ;P)
      Yea, before this I had no spending money, so it's pretty nice. :)

  2. What a fun post! And that does sound like quite the adventure! :D


    1. Thank youu! ;) Yes, it really was in a way. ;D

  3. Fun post! I hope to babysit over night sometime! <3 :D

    1. Thanks! :) Yea, I'm glad I did it. ;)

  4. Hey there! I was just wondering if you followed me, some reason my blog wont show who's following me. :)

  5. Oh thanks! I LOVE new followers! ;D