Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beauty of Life

  Spring is time for new life, right? So my sister showed me a partly done nest in a backyard tree. It wasn't high up, and so easy to see. Not to long after, I heard there was an egg in it. Of course, I had to take a picture of it. What an wonderful opportunity! :) Now there are four eggs, and I don't know if there's more than that in one robin's nest at a time... So below are the robin egg pictures. :) It's great to get this kind of photo of God's workings. New, beautiful life in the spring!
I was actually thinking of a bird landing this lamppost or something of the sort. I look out, and, Oh. There one is. I took the picture through the door glass, but I still got a good picture. (: It's so nice to go outside and hear the happy sound of birds chipping up in the big, leafy trees, and all around. Right now, the world is full of life, and it's wonderful. (:
      This one above I took another day, but it looks like the same kind of bird.

    I went outside to take pictures and after awhile, I started following this tiny purple butterfly around. Last year I think I got a picture of the same kind, but only with it's wings up. I think this one below is kind of mystical. It looks like it could have some long eyelashes, and it has this fluffy feathery body. Its a beautiful thing, and I'm very glad God took care to give the tiny things great detail as well as the large things.

While driving, we pulled over and I got to take some pictures of the bright, as well as sweet smelling canola fields. This top one is probably my favorite, but I wish I would've taken one where you could see the whole field stretching out, instead of just the edge. 

   Oh, and the last is just a fun picture. :) I like practicing with rings, and I really like this one. I love those dandelion fluffs. :)

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