Friday, April 17, 2015

More Spring Bliss

Here are some more pictures of Spring. (: I love the one below, but it had a telephone pole in it (I hate that) so I edited it out. Looks way better now. (:
These bumblebees are so cute and plump! One day there was one that kept hovering by our door window. Love them. (:

     Lake Barkley in Kentucky (three above photos).

So I hope you enjoyed those pictures. And just to mention, soon I'm going to be revealing the cover of my sister's first book!! It's a Cinderella story called A Dream Not Imagined. So keep an eye out for that. (: Learn More


  1. Lovely as always:) Those little gals make lovely pictures..cause they are lovely gals and you know how to photo;) I really like how the dress color in the top photo was captured. The tea party pics from the last group just melted my heart. If you make it this way this summer, I hope your camera comes too! Hugs. Marla

  2. Thanks Marla! Yea, the top picture was probably my favorite out of all the one I took of her that day. :) Sometimes I don't feel very good at photography, :D, so it's nice when people like my pictures. Oh, that would be so nice to come out to Washington... and photograph the mountains and all, too. :)

  3. The above pictures are beautiful. I love the cherry blossoms.
    What lake did you photograph for those bottom ones?

  4. Thank you! That lake is Lake Barkley in Kentucky.