Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pixies Picnic

 My latest photo shoot, on this lovely summer day! :) To me, the perfect summer weather, (unless I want to swim :P), is sunny and warm with a cool-ish breeze. You don't get that too often where I live. :)
I pulled some vines out of the roadside ditch and made a wreath. It may look a little weedy sometimes- and try to ignore the holes some insect may have eaten off the leaves. :P What can I say? This is a little pixie, not a fashion model. :) Ha, ha.
Well I hope you enjoy these photos.




     The pixie takes a little nap after her picnic. :) (She suggested the sleeping ;))
So there is my latest photo shoot. :) :)


  1. Awwww, these are adorable!! She is the cutest ever!!! :D So beautiful and filled with imagination! <3 <3

    Great job, Natasha!

  2. Thank! Yes, she's quite the cutie. :) Very photogenic.

  3. Is that Kayla? Soooo cute. Love the ones of her sleeping^__^ ~Moriah

  4. Yes, that's Kayla. :) Yea, that one looks just like a little fairy taking a nap. She had a good idea.