Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beads, BEADS, beads

 Hello everyone. :) Hopefully you like beads, cause this post is full of them. :)
I got some free books on Friday, which is really cool. One was nonfiction, and then I got this book on making afghans, (if I learn to crochet more than a chain, I can use it. :D), a sewing book from the 70's (old-ish stuff is fun), and this bead "bible", which is cool because beads are lovely little things. ;)

The Illustrated Bead Bible, Theresa Flores Geary, Ph.D. 
It's like a dictionary, all about beads and beading, and whatever. Coolness.

 I have a bead collection...  which can actually be fun to categorize, and whatever. :D

 And now for the bead, "Photo Gallery". I hope I don't bore you to death. XD

"Picturesque" beads (:D) 

"non-picturesque" beads 

Pearls are just lovely. :) 

 Glass beads- :) 

 This picture just flows. If that makes any sense. I just think all the beads go so good together, and with that little pitcher. :)   ...(photographer ravings, sorry) <3

              These beads are kind of unique looking. From what's in the book, they seem to have been subject to cloisonn√©, and enameling... look it up if you happen to be interested. :D

 These might be called "miracle beads". They seem like something I found in the book, so... It says they look like they're glowing from the inside out, and these ones have this special look. :)

             Beads in a coconut shell. :)

  Onto things besides beads, I have photography news. First, I think I'm going to be doing a photography challenge (that I made up), with colors. I've already done some pictures... Colors are just cool. :) I don't know when I'll get a post and all set up for the first, but hopefully it'll come. :D
Next, I have my very first, real REAL photo shoot to do. O.O I don't know when,  but I'll probably be taking a family's pictures sort of soon, which is going to be... scary! Please pray that whenever I do it, it'll all turn out nice- (and that the camera won't freeze up!) XD It is exciting though. I just need to get enough money for a good camera!! Then the wonderfulness will, perhaps, begin. :)
 Well, better go. Up late on a post once again. :P

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