Thursday, December 17, 2015

Satisfying Blog Update and Doings...

 Christmas is next week! Time really goes by fast. I still have more Christmas shopping to do... love it. :) So fun.
  So, you probably noticed I did a blog makeover. :D I might change some more things, but I really like it. I got the picture behind the title to be a good size, and now my blog is more my personality...  And I even made the name better. :) Maybe I should add an "about me" page now.

  So, what I am doing...

Right now I'm reading this book:

I haven't really been reading it lately. School so gets in the way. But this is an interesting series, set in the World War 2 times, with some magic added in. :)
I've been taking pictures of... nothing. :( Not really, anyway. The camera is still wrecked, and the only things I've taken pictures with that actually has a good camera are smart phones. Which I haven't used much. I should borrow my dad or brother's phone and take a bunch of pictures!!
But I guess I can give you some old pictures... of snow.
I miss this. Dear, cold, snowy, Minnesota winters. Yep. If I was still there, I might think of it less endearingly, but right now it sounds nice.
This picture I just of some "sculpture" I made once, but it kind of shows more what it was like in the background.
Beautiful hoarfrost. :) Even stuck to the clothespins.
        Might kind of look like Narnia with the lamppost out in the snow. :)
  We still have a lamppost now, where we're at, which is kind of cool... but it's not as pretty as this   one. :)

   The rest of my week is going to be busy. Tomorrow my family is going somewhere for supper, the next day me and my sister are babysitting, and Sunday we might have a Christmas get together with family... It probably doesn't sound busy to most people on this earth, but my life is not very active.
Today was also kind of busy. We made cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels with family, and then had my sister's birthday party. And watched a movie called "A Princess for Christmas". It was kind of cute. :)
One last thing. Anyone excited for the When Calls the Heart Christmas special?? (if you even watch the TV show)
It's going to be so fun to watch more of this wonderful show! (Jack!) :D
Anyhow, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't get to posting before 2016!!!!! :)




  1. Thank you! I like it much better than before. :)

  2. Hey Natasha,:) I really like your new design and picture! And those are some lovely pictures of Minnesota winter! It inspires me to get out my camera and snap some shots before it gets deathly cold (you probably don't miss that). So do you have snow right now?
    -Verna :)

    1. Hi! Thanks, I'm glad you like my new design and the pictures. :) Yea, I probably wouldn't be very happy with the freezing cold. :P
      No, we don't have any snow. I think it's supposed to be near 70 degrees here on Christmas, so... I don't think we'll get a white one!
      I hope you all are having a nice Christmas season! :)