Saturday, April 9, 2016

Little Spring Miss

  At last I am posting these pictures! 
My last couple photo shoots have turned out pretty nice... maybe it's because it is spring, which is a wonderful time for pictures! :)  
  Can I just say I LOVE this hat?! It's kind of floppy, which just makes it so lovely! Now I want to take my own pictures and wear it! :D

Cutie :)
  Just look at that little model! She's so naturally photogenic! Very grown-up for her age. ;) 

  All that bright green, the pink skirt and the hat... I like how it all goes together in this picture. :)

  Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures!
Let me know of any tips you could give me on photographing children! :)


  1. That hat is adorable! You SHOULD take your own pictures and wear it! :D

    1. I know! One of these days I'll have to take some self pictures with it on. :D