Monday, April 18, 2016

Photo Gallery: A Trip to the Park

  Hi, all! I went to the park with my older brother and sister the other day, and just had a nice time. :) 
 It was a new park I'd never been to, and it was really nice, and big. It had disc golf (why my brother wanted to go there ;) ), regular golf, fishing, playgrounds, tennis courts, lakes\ponds, and other things...

   Like squirrels- SO MANY squirrels. They were cute! :) I even got some fairly good pictures. 

 And the pine trees. Ahhh... there is something nice about pine trees. Maybe its because Minnesota had lots of them. ;) Perhaps they feel more out-in-the-country, or something... I don't know. :)

  I kind of like the composition in this shadow picture. :) (I'm not entirely sure I'm saying what I'm trying to :P)

   Then I got to take some pictures of the geese there. Too bad I don't have a zoom lens. I could get way closer pictures!

 Anyhow, hope you enjoyed! :)