Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 2017\\ Currently

Wow, halfway through March already! And time for my currently post. :)


~ Went to a teen thing with fellow homeschoolers. We played games, and it was pretty fun. :) We even had some... adventures on the way due to a glitch in the directions. ;P

~ Had a day with my older sister and a new friend! We went to Chick-fil-A, where I got a meal: spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and lemonade. <3 Spend a bit too much of my already-low money. :P
Then we went bowling, then shopping. :) It was a great day!

~ We... got snow. Pretty much our first REAL snow this winter, and it didn't last long. Now it's cold outside. Just when spring was coming. The weather is unpredictable. 

~ Continuing on with homeschool co-op and driving. :)


I just finished...

Faith, by Lori Copeland 

Now I started...

The Lady and the Lion Heart by Joanne Bischof


Donkey Kong! :D We used to have that old Nintendo something, and Mario and Donkey Kong were the best. My sibling found a site where you can play them for free! =D It's such an fun game, and I love hearing the familiar music and sounds. *grins*


Well, we watched a few more episodes of When Calls the Heart, season 4. :)  


~ (See the second "Happenings") We went to Cato's- my first time going there, I think, and I found a scarf on clearance for $2! A new scarf! :D Sorry, don't have a picture.

~ Me and my sister are doing a "Secret Sister's" monthly gift exchange with homeschool teen girls, and I got my gift the other day...

Some fun artsy things...

And this lovely little box of Proverbs to color! <3 So fun. :) 


~ When you're the model for your fellow photography "students"... talk about awkward. :P

~ Hysterically laughing while playing a dirt-bike video game with your brother... because I was trying to crash him while he raced, and I was on free ride. :P I get crazy when I'm playing games LOL.

~ When you live in an old house and the toilet starts having problems... and you have to use buckets of water to flush it at midnight. Yea. xP

~ When you're mad at the guys coming to work on your house because they come so "early" and you have to get out of bed. :P



  1. I enjoyed this a lot!! <3
    I've never been bowling. Kirsten tried to take us the other weekend, but the bowling ally was closed. She was so disappointed. But we had fun at McDonald's anyway. ;)
    That "Secret Sister's" thing must be fun! I love that "N"! Are you gonna decorate it all up and put it in your room!? I've always wanted something cool like that to put in my room. ;P
    Oh boy! I would've "died" if I had to be the model. haha! ;P
    I get crazy when I play games too. ;)
    The most amazing thing I've done so far this month?? besides going to visit Kirsten? I bought an adorable new diary yesterday! I worked on Monday and then went to town yesterday and spent all my "spending" money. (I did put some aside for a vacation, and for savings ;P)
    I wouldn't say that working was "amazing". More like "horrible". I cleaned with one of my mom's cousin and it was HARD! *whispers* I came home and cried. *blushes* I got so overwhelmed, and I was so stressed to whole time. So I let it all out in tears. *shakes head* that's me for you. haha ;P

    1. I'm glad! :D
      You'll have to go sometime! It's fun. ;)
      Yea it is! I still have to finish getting the gift for "my person". ;P Yes, I probably will! That'll be fun. :)
      I probably looked so awkward! :P
      haha, yea, it just does something to me sometimes. ;D
      Ooh fun! I love pretty diaries. :)
      That's nice that you earned some money... but it doesn't sound too fun! No fun being stressed out. I might've cried too! :P