Friday, June 16, 2017

June 2017 \\ Currently

Here's the CURRENTLY post of June for y'all! I'm trying to change it up, as you'll probably see. I'm going to putting less details, because otherwise I just kinda repeat some of the same things in my monthly highlights post. 

So, currently this month!


We've been working on our house a lot. When we have to have the AC off because the windows are open... talk about sweating. *dies* That makes it so much worse to spend so many hours there. ;P

Going to Chick-fil-A with siblings on a day we took off from working at the house. :) Then we went to the store, and me and two of my sisters split a big bag of jelly beans. *grins* Those awesome little jelly beans with allll the different flavors. I'd like if there were a little more coffee flavors, and buttered popcorn. xD 
Then driving home with the window down and music on. 

Hanging out with friends and family most Sundays for Bible study. We're not having this week though.


Alone by Hollyn is a song I recently heard for the first time. It has a little more of a "wild" beat than what I normally listen to, but I like it. It's passionate, and has a good message. *winks*


Dare by Tricia Mingerink

Two of my sisters love these books, so it's pretty much a guarantee I'll love them. ;P It's been good so far! A little creepy too, because Vane... yikes. And the evil king.


Jelly beans, what else?

And these peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies I made, of course. SO GOOD. Who else loves things with peanut butter in them?


This one. <33 Love how it turned out.


Ordering your food at a restaurant and you kinda know the person working there. First having to correct something you said, then asking "what?" a million times because you didn't hear what they said. ;P Nice.

Your brother, putting some stuff that kills cockroaches behind the refrigerator. "Ah, I could put this in someones lemonade!" *shakes head*

Your brother with what's left of a can of something that cleans up oil paints and stuff. Puts some on a stick thing and lights it on fire, then puts it into the can. All fascinated, of course. Boys and fire. *winks and laughs*

While painting trim and such at our house, my brother's (again) make-belief thing about owning the best paint company, and we're his workers. His pretend\story things are so funny. xP

Taking a walk down the road with my sisters, with our bowls full of jelly beans. xD 

All the twilight\night walks with siblings, with the fireflies, the moon, the stars, and the smell of summer. *sigh*



  1. I honestly don't eat jelly beans much *hides face* ;P But I don't think the popcorn is gross or anything. ;D
    I have a moment to share! *raises hand*
    When you're texting your boy cousin (yep. Tyrel *laughs*) and he randomly sends you a link to a show he watches and says 'If I had your address I could have it at your house by Friday'. And you laugh at him and tell him he's crazy, that it's too much money and he can't do that, but he keeps bugging you about it and asks, 'If it showed up at your house would you watch it?' so you say he would try, but you purposely don't give him your address 'cause you know if he had it he would do that crazy thing. You go on to talk about other things.... and Friday comes and BAM!!! It shows up at your house and now you have to "try" watch it like you said you would, and he spent way too much money on a show you may not even end up liking.... true story. Still not 100% sure who squealed the address to him *dies laughing* It may have been Felicity. She said my aunt text her the other night and said "someone" wanted our address, "I think they want to send a thank you." (and I would've thought 'thank you for what?' but Felicity's mind isn't all the way there these days ;P) *still laughing about this* XD XD
    So. There's my huge long moment. ;P
    I really enjoyed this post!! <333333

  2. Replies
    1. I actually don't either... because they're expensive (to me anyhow). ;P But I think it's fun to get them once in a while. I guess it's not true that people either love the popcorn or hate it. ;P

      Oh wow, that's funny! Did you try watching it yet? ;P What show is it? Just curious. ;D

      Glad you enjoyed the post! <333

    2. I seriously haven't eaten the popcorn jelly bean in years, so... ;D

      No, we haven't tried watching it yet. *laughs* I'm not sure how to say or spell the name of it because it's not English. He watches Japanese Anime (and he'll "yell" at you if you call it a cartoon ;P) so it's one of those shows. *still laughing* ;D

    3. Haha, yea. ;P

      Oh, OK. I don't think I've ever watched those. ;)