Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Plans \\ How I've Been Starting the Season

Driving, cleaning, drawing, blogging, getting together... and staying up late every night, just because it's hard to make myself go to bed when I could be reading or doing something creative. Yep. I should probably have a schedule so I can get the most out of summer but, *reels back in repulsion* I don't exactly like schedules. I like spur-of-the-moment things, and I like to be able to stay up reading or drawing if I want to. But I probably would like it if I actually started. Ugh.

So summer has started, despite the fact that I still have to finish some Chemistry up. I think I'll be skipping quite a few of the activities, so it won't be too much longer. As of now, I feel the summer excitement. :)

I got a little over TWO HOURS of driving in one day recently! *grins* Just driving my mom around. And driving on a road with a speed limit of 70 mph, then having to hit the brakes so I don't miss my next road. ;P And going through the drive thru at a restaurant for the first time! An introvert having to talk loud at a speaker. *shakes head* Then when we opened the window to get our food... the car sounded like a beeter. ;P It even started shuddering when I hit 65 on the 70 road. *dies* It's kinda funny.

We also have chirping in (or by) our chimney from time to time. *nods* That's just the weirdest, but I think there's a bird nest in there. So I decided to go onto our roof one day. We climb a little tree to get up there. *winks* There was a bird's nest in there, but no eggs. They probably all hatched. 

The roof shingles were hot! It'd probably be a good, place to suntan. LOL, more like getting roasted on a burner! xD
Plus the mail person drove by while I was up there! I just walked to the other side and hid. xP
I didn't see any nest by the chimney... maybe there's one inside, or just lower down on the side of the house. *shrugs*

Another day, we all went to a bigger town\city with my mom for some more errands. At Sam's Club we all got something to eat. I chose the Berry Sundae instead of protein. ;P 


On Saturday we cleaned at a couple of my dad's houses. The one that was mostly finished was the best, because there's AC, and it's not as dirty. *winks* Plus, after working you can go lay in one of the closets with the door closed and stare up at the ceiling and into the attic opening for awhile. It's relaxing, lol. ;D I also got my little brother to sleep in one of the closets. Hehe.

The beauty of a new house... ;)


WELL, I've got some good ones. First of all, there's July. I'm going with some friends of ours to somewhere three hours away for a week! *squeal* We are going with some Christian mission organization that helps people in need. I think we're building a house or something. *flexes invisible muscles* Uh, so I might get fit during this trip. xP We'll probably take plenty of breaks, so despite sweating in the July heat wearing long pants and t-shirts, I should be fine. Should be. ;P *hopes for the best* It sounds so fun though!! There's probably going to be a lot of new people to meet... if I can manage that, ha. Plus a few people I know- the ones I'll be traveling with. We'll have free time to hang out, and... it just sounds like it's going to be awesome! :D

The other big thing happening this summer is our family reunion in August! It's going to be so much fun seeing all my cousins again!!!

Besides those set things, we'll be working on our house. I hope that gets mostly done by the time the July event passes. *smiles smugly because I don't have to work on it for that week* Hehe.

And I hope to do plenty of reading, baking, drawing, hanging out, swimming, driving, and earning money in between. *grins* Sound good?



  1. Sounds like a nice way to spend summer!
    Next month I'm gonna be heading up to Tri-Cities for two weeks with LaKaysha. Doesn't it sound amazing!? We'll be babysitting, but that's​ fun too. Hopefully we do get around to doing some stuff too. Maybe taking the kids with us, or "ditching" them with the boys ;P
    Right now I'm just trying to get used to the idea of not being in NH. I really need to find a job, so I can go again as soon as possible!! My goal is to go out for Christmas, but I'll need a nice paying job, and I'm not even sure I can last that long *laughs cause it was a bad idea to get so attached to Tyrel and the twins*
    Today I painted a table-thing that I keep my record player on. In the heat and ugh, I'm so sticky now *laughs*

    1. Yea, I think it will be! :)
      Oh yes, that does sound fun! :D
      It does take some time to stop missing your trip... Or at least missing it too much. ;P I need a job too, so I can travel! ;D I think maybe I'll just have to get a job during next school year, because... summer seems a little too full. ;P
      That's something I DON'T like about summer- getting all sweaty, haha.

  2. Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful summer! <3
    Mine is going to be pretty busy, I think, with a trip to Tri-Cities, weddings, and things like that. But I'm ready!
    After doing something everyday for nearly a month, sitting around at home can be pretty boring. lol
    Oh, yes, by the way, my sisters and I always lay out in sun on our roof. It's fun! ;)

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to it! ^__^
      That sounds fun! :)
      Haha, yea, I can imagine. I'm usually always up for going out and doing something. ;P
      Oh, maybe I should try it then! Before it gets too hot! ;D

  3. Sounds fun! I can't wait until more fun stuff! I went "camping" in our back yard with my cousin last night! That was SO fun!

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to it! Fun! ;)

  4. sounds like so much fun and omw aren't those berries smoothies THE BEST?? XD