Saturday, August 5, 2017

July 2017

I'm late, I know. And I missed my Tuesday post. But I have an excuse, guys. We had company, and even when they left we didn't have internet except at our new house (and on phones, at least sometimes). Plus we have this house stuff, so...

But I'm back! And here is the overdue monthly highlights post for July. 


\\ Went to a missions thing with some friends! See the post about it here.

\\ Had some adventures down at the creek near our new house with my younger siblings. *winks* 

\\ My sister, friend, and I went out to eat one Sunday at Culvers. That's a nice restaurant.

\\ We had company!! My aunt, uncle, and cousins came to visit us recently. We used to live by them, so I was excited that they were coming! We had some great times! :D I'll do a post on it, of course. 

\\ Worked on our house, and we're FINALLY moving in!! *cheers and confetti* We still have some things to do, but we'll be sleeping in it now. :) 

Finished Dare by Tricia Mingerink

Exiles by Jaye L. Knight


\\ When you get a 50 cent frosty from Wendy's. That's the greatest deal. 

\\ When you walk in caves with flip-flops. Bad idea. xP

\\ When you get an infected foot, tetanus shot, and poison ivy all in the span of a few days. But the poison ivy was the worst. I still have it. *glares at it*


\\ I suppose the solar eclipse might be pretty interesting.

\\ Family reunion!!! <333

\\ Maybe relaxing a bit before school starts?



  1. FROSTY!!! (got another one today lol)

  2. I haven't had a frosty in soooo long. But I had way too many amazing things when I was visiting my aunt and uncle, so it doesn't matter. ;P Ice cream, Italian Soda's, milkshakes, Orange Julius... and way too much coffee ;P
    An infected foot, tetanus shot, AND poison ivy!!?? oh you poor girl!
    I can't wait to hear about your aunt and uncle's visit! XD
    Make any awesome memories this past July?? oh yes, lots! hiking, camp fires, the beach, climbing "the Column", little kids calling my name in their adorable little voices <3, letters (;P), music - lots and lots of music, putting Kaaren to sleep <33, riding around in the Jeep with the top off (wind-blown hair *fist bump*), watching awesome movies with Kirsten, making a little money, and lots of awesome-ness ;P
    Oh guess what! I just found out yesterday that the solar eclipse is gonna be happening here too! We're actually gonna be the start of it... or the big city will be, like the one with the airport. *winks 'cause I don't want to say the name of it, but I'm hoping you know what city I'm talking about* I think that will be really cool to see. XD XD
    I'm so excited for you - about moving into your house finally!! XD
    I so need to get my photo dump up... *moans and bangs head against keyboard* So. Much. Work. ;P

    1. Lucky! ;P Haha. I've had some other good things too. The milkshake I had wasn't anything spectacular, but at Culver's I got this blackberry smoothie that was pretty good. It was more like ice cream though. ;D
      Haha, yea, that's what happens when I start running around doing what my cousins\siblings always do. xP Poison ivy is something I get from time to time, but this was probably one of the worst. Anyhow, I'll probably tell about all that loveliness in my post about our company being here. ;P Glad you're excited to here about it! :D I hope I can find time to post soon enough.
      Sounds like you had a nice month! :D
      I saw something about that on FB I think. That's cool! :D
      Yes! We still have work to do, but we're IN. *sigh*
      I know, aren't posts so hard to do? xP They take so long sometimes!

  3. I sympathize with the poison ivy. I get it a lot. I can get it just from touching my big dog Hank :( . I used to only get around once a year but when we moved I suddenly get it A LOT. And I used to only get it on my arms and legs and now I get it on my neck, face, and eyes. :( I hope it goes away soon!

    1. Oh my, that sounds awful! I think I usually only get it when I've been in the woods. I have it on my face, arms, legs, some fingers, ears, and a few other places right now. :P Some of it is definitely getting better though, thankfully. I hope yours goes away quickly! No fun. :\

  4. I just got a frosty on Sunday!
    SOOOOO good!!! <3