Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blooms of Spring, Easter Dessert, and Life!

 Hi again! Of course, I had to take more pictures of all the new life around here! So you can look at some more pictures. :)
Here's our only flowering tree... It's really pretty. :)
This is just a nice spring picture...
This field is just so luscious! So green!
Those pretty little green sprinkles... :)

       The woods are also getting a green carpet. Woods... ahh.

      We have these all over! So lovely! :)
(sorry, I like to use lots of smiley faces... it helps me express myself, you know. :) ;) :D )
   So did everyone have a nice Easter? Mine wasn't real busy. We went to church and ate good food. That was about the extent of our "festivities". The kid's did a little Easter egg hunt with "resurrection eggs".
  Maybe I should have done a blog post about Easter. I would have thought about it more, then. We really take for granted what Jesus did for us... me at least! It's terrible, but life just happens. Do you all have any suggestions on how you keep in mind these great blessings in life?
  Anyhow, here is my quite unhealthy, quite yummy Easter dessert. :) 
  So life? I think I've been having a pretty good time in life lately. :) Being a little more social. We have company, and today I went to town with my sister and her friend... and it was fun! :)
First they got their hair cut. I got to watch. They turned out very nice, too.
Now since my mom, me, and my older sister have all gotten our hair cut recently, we need to get my tomboy thirteen year old sister to get hers cut! (That might be hard) She needs to get some fun layers, or a bob or something... uh, yea.
 So after my little rabbit trail, we'll now move on. ;) 
So we also went to a few stores. Including Goodwill, where we tried on some dresses! :) I've tried to get my little sisters to do that with me, but they aren't very adventurous. I'd like to try on even different things just for the fun of it, but they... probably wouldn't. They need to get more fun! Haha! :)
Yea... I went off on another rabbit trail! Spaghetti brain, I think! (before I go on another rabbit trail about this, just comment and ask me if you don't know what spaghetti brains are all about! XD) 
 Okay. So we went out to eat at Chick-fil-A! That is a great restaurant, by the way! I got a chicken sandwhich... don't ask what kind! I guess it was like, a spicy kind. It was good. ;) I also got waffle fries and coke. :) Coke is probably my favorite kind of soda. It's good. :)
Then we went home. It was just a nice day, and I had fun! Tomorrow I might try out a new youth group, (I haven't gone to my other one in... forever!) so I can get some more socializing in! Please, let my hermit life dissolve! XD
 One of these days I want to do a post all about my former home in Minnesota. Memories, pictures, whatever! So you can look out for that. I may not get to it for awhile though...
Judge, by R. J. Larson has been really good! Reading! <3
So what have you all been doing? Do you have any questions or comments on this post? I'd love to hear from you! :D


  1. I love that you go on rabbit trails!! :D I do it too! ;P

    1. Yea, it's kind of funny! :D Yet it tends to seem like a longer rabbit trail than it really is when I read it over. ;)

  2. Coke? As in Coca-Cola? My brother and I are the only Coke lovers I know! So glad to meet a fellow Coke sipper ;) haha

    1. You don't know any other coke lovers? Coke is the best! :D

    2. I don't know how my sister didn't know that I love Coke! lol! It IS the best! ;P

    3. begging your pardon. I guess Daminika likes it, too ;)