Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Review: Prophet

 I've already said that I finished this book, I'm pretty sure, but I haven't posted my review. So, that's what I'm doing today. 

 I wrote this review on Goodreads, and it turned out delightfully long... :D I'm kind of proud of it. :) I changed it a teensy bit, but its pretty much all the same as it is on Goodreads... sorry if its kind of badly written or something. :D

Anyhow, here's the review! 

Prophet, by R. J. Larson

 rating: 5 out of 5 stars

  Ela Roeh is just an ordinary seventeen year old girl living in the city-state of Parne. She loves her family, and the Infinite, the one true God; and she is also pledged to be married.
But when the Infinite asks Ela to become his prophet, she has to make a life changing choice. Why would she, only seventeen and a girl at that, become a prophet? Especially with her temper. And what's more, Parne's prophets usually die young.
Her decision leads her into danger and uncertainty that calls her to have strong faith and trust the Infinite, even if it means death.

Prophet, by R. J. Larson was a very unique and interesting book! It reminded me of lots of different fantasy books I've read at certain points, which is pretty cool. :) 

This book had faith! Being a Christian allegory, its set in a fantasy world with different kingdoms, and the creator of it all, the Infinite, who represents God. This book is also like a Bible-time prophet retelling. They seem to kind of wear Bible time clothes and there are even chariots. :) Back to the book's faith, this story teaches us to follow God and His plans for us, no matter what the evil people in this world might do to us. :) 

This book had adventure. There were deadly creatures, dangerous confrontations with corrupted rulers, near assassinations, and battle. :) 

There was even some romance! <3 Dearly sweet, too. I love the couple in here!

As for the characters here is some of what I thought of a few of them.

Ela is one of the best female characters I've read of. :) She had faith and trusted the Infinite, but she still struggled with fear and feeling unworthy. She wasn't perfectly strong or anything. She got flustered over the certain charming young man in this book! ;) She had a temper, but it didn't really annoy me... she didn't always get so mad at the hero of the story. Sometimes... She really kind of reminds me of Briana from the Viking Quest Series. (She's also a character with a temper that isn't annoying or anything :D) Anyhow, Ela was a very wonderful character!

Kien Lantec... *swoon* Ok, yes, I love Kien. He is kind of like Kaden from The Ilyon Chronicles, by Jaye L. Knight. He's more fiery, and he is charming and teasing... :) He's just so wonderful! <3 One part with him brought tear to my eyes. (view spoiler) Anyhow, he is wonderful also!

Tsawna, Ela's little sister, is a nice character too. :) And her favorite Pet, the giant destroyer horse. He is also a worthwhile "character", who brought more interest and humor to the story. :) 

There were other good characters, of course, like Tsir Aun, Tek Lara, Jon, Kien's sister, the rebel leader... :)

I recommend this book to... teen and up? There was romantic elements, like a kiss; there was violence- like a battle where giant horses ran around trampling people... and stuff. There was quite a bit of death, of course. A vision of a massacre, too. The violence really wasn't too bad, but you do get the picture of what's happening. 

So a lovely, worthwhile book with a purpose, and characters to love!! :) Now I must read Judge! :)


  So yes, if you like fantasy read this book- its good, and I believe it can be read by both genders. :) 

  I've started reading Judge, the second book. It kind of has a retelling of Jonah from the Bible... which is like, cool. :)

 On a random, still bookish note, today I went to the library and got a book full of the Grimm Brother's fairy tales, and a book full of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales! I read the Grimm Brother's Snow White, (Snowdrop, really) story. The queen was even eviler than any version I'd heard. But it was interesting enough. :) I want to read The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson. I think the movie Frozen is based off it, and it would be interesting to read. :)
I've listened to some of the Grimm Brother's fairy tales, also.

  Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this bookish post! :)

(sorry about the totally irritating highlighting! It's too late to fix it now, but maybe I will another time)


  1. Wonderful review! I'm currently reading this book. Ela is a wonderful character . . . and Kien as well. I thought R.J. Larson's writing was just a tad bit choppy at the beginning, but then in started flowing into one of my favorite writing styles in the history of ever. ;)

    I've been reading it for . . . a week now? I don't exactly know, but I'm not finished yet. I'm not an all-out bookworm and after so much reading for school I sort of want to do something rather then stare at a page or kindle screen. ;)

    But yes, I am hoping to finish this one soon!

  2. Thank you! :) I agree, they are really great characters!
    I'm not totally a bookworm either, and I don't read very fast.
    I'm glad you're enjoying this book... I've started the second book, and it's good as well. :)

    1. My sister raced through all three books in a few days. She loved it and said that King was by far her favorite of the trilogy. :)