Friday, July 15, 2016

Currently in July

  Time for my July "currently" post! :D I know a lot of these don't make sense since I'm not currently doing them anymore... (most of them). So just read it like this: this is currently what happened so far in July. Make sense? ;D


 We had storms that caused flooding... we don't live by a river, so we weren't in danger. ;) But the field next to our house got a big "puddle"... otherwise you can call it a temporary pond that comes now and then. ;)

(the only editing I did on this picture is the coloring, BTW)

 I really like this picture. I had my little sister throw a rock into the water so I could take action pictures. :) Speaking of action pictures, I did a post on action photography tips the other day. Click HERE to see it. 


  One thing we did so far this month, is our Fourth of July celebration. You may have seen THE POST on it. We went to the lake and hung out at the rocky shore, then watched fireworks from the boat later. Twas quite cool. :D 
  My 12 and 14 year old brother and sister had their friends over for their birthdays last week. We lit off some fireworks my mom had bought, so that was kind of fun. :) 
 I watched them play Dangerous Hunts 2 for a while earlier that day. I tried it the other day- eek, it can be scary! And fun, though I'm not too good. This one level I tried had lions... I died, of course. :P  


 So as I've mentioned before, I bought two books with the gift card I won. They're both here now! (I'm pretty sure The Captive Maiden came this month, so I'm qualifying it for a July buy. ;) And Resistance can count too, even though it came in June. :P) 

   Lovely, aren't they? :D

  And yesterday I bought myself a memory stick in case I need it for my pictures while on vacation! It was about $5 for 8 gigabytes, so I think it'll serve me well. =) 


 We made salsa the 12th. :) We kept a little out fresh ('cause it's really good that way), but the majority got canned.  

 I took some pictures of the salsa making. ;)

 Anybody else a Mexican food fan? :D

 I (mostly) made these delicious No-Bake Flourless Brownies from my sister's blog yesterday. :) I didn't make the topping though... it's healthier that way, but the topping is good. :) 
 I stole the picture of them from her blog. =D Hahaha, I'm so bad... um, no. I think I actually took that picture. :P Okay, never mind my weirdness...

 Something I recently remade (of sorts) was my blog design. Did you notice? I really like it, especially the header! I think it's my best design so far. All the colors seem to just work perfectly together- the greens, purples, and then the sort of yellow-tan color. It's awesome how the camera picture and the one of me on the rock in the header both have a tan color in them to kind of match the background! (coincidence, by the way) 
I'm not entirely sure if the purple in my design matched the flower picture in the header, but... it works. ;) For now, anyhow.


 Ummm... A Lasting Impression.... still. :P 

BUT I have a good excuse. I had to put this one on hold to advance read The Silent Blade for the blog tour. 

 My post for it is going to be on here the 23 of this month. I'll be gone, so I'm gonna schedule that post. Be sure to check it our though. :)

 So yea, I read The Silent Blade and continued on with A Lasting Impression. What will I read next? Well, probably either Water Princess, Fire Prince or The Captive Maiden. :) Or possibly something else...


  I bet you could never guess. :P Ha. Yes, my VACATION!!! :D :D :D I have a lot packed, but... eek, there's just so much to take! :0 (*whispers* or maybe my problem is that I just want to take too much clothes? :P)

 So yea, we're leaving in a few daaayyysss!! :D 

 I'll have two posts scheduled for while I'm gone. First The Silent Blade blog tour on the 23rd, and then possibly a smoothie recipe some other time. :) But other than that... 

   ...It's a farewell until August sometime. :) Hopefully you guys don't miss me too much (ha,ha) and prepare to be bombarded with a thousand million pictures when I get back on here! =D


  1. Wow, big storm. :P I'm looking forward to living in a place where it will rain more often; I love rain so incredibly much.

    Mm, Mexican food is pretty good. :) I can't eat it though... it makes me feel sick. :/

    Ooh, have fun on your vacation! :D

    1. Yep. :) Rain is definitely a good thing! Even if some people think it's so gloomy and depressing. :P

      It is! Ah, that's too bad! :|

      I totally plan on it! =D Thanks!

  2. I love rain... but I'm not sure about rain STORMS. ;P We had a "pond" at our old house that came every winter. :)

    I do like some Mexican food, but I think it has to be authentic in order for me to LOVE it ;P I love Taco Wagons!! :D

    I'm so excited for you!! ;D I like to take a lot of clothes on trips too.. you just never knew what you might need! ;) Only, when we DO go on trips I usually share a suitcase with my sister and only have so much room. ;P

    I can't wait to see pictures from your vacation!!!! =D I hope you have a wonderful trip!!! (praying your flight goes well :D)

    1. Oh! Dangerous Hunts 2! I used to watch my siblings play that all the time!!! It was quite entertaining. ;) They would scream and jump around, even though they knew that didn't help any ;) We actually sold that game to my aunt... and now we miss it. :P
      They played it so much that they knew exactly when and what animal was going to jump at them! haha!
      I've never tried to play it, but I would've died if I had ;P

    2. I don't know if we get rain without a storm very much. :P Rain can be nice though.

      I like Mexican wraps and chips and salsa and guacamole. :) Chipole is a good Mexican restaurant, though I've only been there once. And they don't have a huge selection, but it's good. :)

      Thanks! :D Yea, it's just hard not to take lot's of clothes! Well I suppose I'm lucky, 'cause I get my own suitcase on this trip. It is smaller, but still. ;P

      Good, because I think there'll be a lot!! ;D Thanks! (and thank you, that's much appreciated! :) )

      Yes, it a fun game! And scary, even though the animals are just on the screen! =D
      Haha, yea. I've never played a whole level, but I did complete part of one and then let my brother finish! ;P

  3. Ooo, I LOVE those pictures you took of the pond. So pretty :). And you should read The Captive Maiden sometime soon! I think that's my favorite Melaine Dickerson book.

    1. Thank you! :)

      I actually read the prologue today, but I probably won't get to read too much more before my vacation. :) It has such a lovely cover, doesn't it?

  4. Just found your blog and I LOVE it!! I'm a photographer of the food and outdoors wannabe :P The very fact that you have a Recipe Box page makes me so happy! Homemade salsa and flourless brownies are two of my favorites! Can't wait to see what awesome pics you have when you return :)

    Abi |

    1. Yay, I'm glad you do! =D Photography is so fun, isn't it? :) I really like making up recipes and taking food pictures. So, most of the recipes on that page are mine. :P Yes, those are both so good!
      Thanks! I think I'll have lots! :D

      Thank you for commenting! :)

  5. Oh, that water picture is SO cool! Awesome job! What was the shutter speed for it? :)

    YES, THE CAPTIVE MAIDEN! AWESOME book! I would say it was my favourite Melanie Dickerson book, but seriously, I love all her books :D I'm currently on hold at the library for "The Beautiful Pretender". Have you read other books by her? It's so cool how the Captive Maiden, The Fairest Beauty, The Golden Braid, and a couple others tie together! :-)

    Lovely new header! You're right, the colours do go beautifully :)

    1. Thanks! Ummmm, I don't remember. :P I probably just experimented as usual.

      I haven't read any other's, but it'll be fun to read The Captive Maiden! :) Then I'll have to try some of the others.

      Thank you! :D