Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!

                 HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

 Today we're celebrating the birth of America, which happened so long ago when our countrymen wrote the Declaration of Independence. We are so blessed to live so freely as we do in America! 

Let's remember to pray for our country, and for our leaders!

  So we kind of celebrated on Saturday. My dad decided we were going out on the boat, so we headed out to these big lakes that we like to go to.

  We stopped at Dollar General on the way, and learned that there were going to be fireworks at the lake (my dad had thought there might be). We bought a bunch of snacks and continued onward. :)
 It was overcast and that lake was kind of choppy. Our boat hit another boats waves which made it rock pretty bad- I may have freaked out a little. :P 

 So we found a beach and beached the boat. ;D That's where the next... twenty pictures are at. Um, I took a lot of pictures- on that whole trip I took over 500. =) 

  It sprinkle-rained a little, but not the whole time- I was able to take lots of pictures still- er, obviously. :D

  My dad beached the boat in another spot on that same beach, so I got to take some boat action pictures. :)

      There were some pretty "big" waves. For a lake. (it is  a huge lake though.)

Panorama time. :)
 I took home some souvenirs. Aren't these pretty? So white. I think they're chalk or something.

                                           Swimming kids. ;)

 Nice dark rocks to photograph. :) Me and a couple of my siblings went walking for a while down the beach, but I didn't take my camera. (I went back to these rocks with my mom later.)

  But while exploring, I found myself a nice little walking stick. It's white-ish and sturdy. ;) I like the beach wood... or maybe it's driftwood. I took a little piece home that was so smooth! Yea, I kind of have too much junk stuff, and this is probably why. I keep stuff like that. :P


  This isn't the best silhouette, but it's still cute. :)

  We eventually headed out and went to where the fireworks were going to be.

  The boat crowd. :) It was pretty cool, seeing all the boats around with their lights on, waiting for the show.

    Then the fireworks began. It was a really good show! :) And I got some good pictures! First firework pictures I've taken, I believe. :)

  So yes, it was a very neat experience watching the firework show from the boat- seeing them reflected off the water! :) And also being out on the boat in the dark and all. We had to wait a little while to get to the dock. 

 Anyhow, I had a very fun day Saturday! :D



  1. Oh my WORD, Natasha! Those pictures!!! You are an AMAZING photographer!
    And that picture that you said wasn't the best silhouette? Girl, that picture is sooo cute, sooo beautiful, and even if it isn't full silhouette, the picture is still AWESOMENESS!
    This is your first time taking pictures of fireworks? You've gotta be kidding me. These are SO GOOD!! I especially like the third firework picture. I love how you can see it reflecting on the water, and you can see the smoke from the firework too!
    Thanks for posting, and happy Fourth-of-July!

    1. Well thank you! That's really nice of you to say! :)
      I'm glad you thought so, thanks!
      Yep. I guess I just knew how to adjust the settings... :) It was a really cool setting for fireworks, out on the water like that. :D

      My pleasure! ;D Happy 4th of July back to you!

  2. Heyy! Completly random, but I was wondering what sort of settings you used for taking the pics of the fireworks. I CAN never get them, or stars. ugh. Any tips?? :D

    Happy 4th!!

    1. Well, I usually just use manual mode, and experiment with the stuff on there. I think I had the ISO on Hi1 (I don't really know what this stuff means, but... :P) and the white balance on AUTO. And then I was probably using a faster shutter speed (because it needs to be faster for action. :) )
      So yea... I don't know if you use manual mode, but you can try what I did for fireworks. :)

      Thanks, happy 4th to you as well! :D

  3. Happy 4th of July! :D

    Unfortunately, my family isn't going to see a firework show since our next-door neighbors invited us over for a backyard mini one. :)

    But last night we had a great time celebrating with some other friends at their house doing backyard fireworks. It was illegal to use ones that actually soar into the air, so we just used small ones. But one of them -- we didn't know it would do this, by the way -- exploded really, really high up in the air and scared us all. :P It was fun.

    1. Happy 4th of July to you, too! ;)

      Well, at least you can see them at your neighbors- hope you have a good time! :)

      That's cool. Celebrating with friends is always fun! :) Haha, that must have been startling! :D

  4. The fourth firework one is really good. A great portrait shot with a reflection...100%

    1. Thanks! :D that one turned out pretty nice. :)

  5. Great pictures!!! Looks like you guys had a fun time! :) :) Tyrel and I went and saw a little firework show with some friends. It was nice! :)

    1. Thank you! It was fun, and a cool experience! :)
      That sounds fun! :)

  6. LOVE these pictures!!!! :D

    Seeing fireworks from a boat must have been amazing! A few years back I seen a fireworks "show" by a pond. It was SO cool to see the reflections! :D It was just at a family reunion, but I'm told that we had better fireworks than the most "famous" place around here. :P

    I had a wonderful Fourth of July! But I want to do a post about it, so I won't tell you here. ;P

    1. Thanks! :D

      It was cool- the best firework show I've seen, I think. :) Yes, it's cool to see the fireworks reflect off the water. It would've been REALLY amazing if the water was calm and glassy! :D

      Ooh, that'll be fun to see your 4th of July post!! :)