Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Trip to the West Coast, part 3: A MOUNTAIN HIKE

   Hey! Part three of my West Coast trip! =D This one is totally a photography post, with all the pictures I took. 

  So as I've said, it was the first day of our family reunion. I rode up there with a bunch of cousins in my aunt and uncle's van... we played "Mafia" during the drive. :D

 When we got the the place where we'd start hiking, we got out and ate our packed lunches. Then we started up the trail. 

Indian Paintbrush
Tiger Lily...?

Early part of the trail.

Of course, there were lots of things for me to photograph. :D I'm glad they turned out, though it seemed like too bright a day. ;)

There were soo many flowers! :)

   Around this area, we split into two groups. I went the harder way- and more scenic. :) But everyone went way too fast! Me and my sister died on the uphill, sunny areas. :P Also, I think going slow and enjoying the scenery is better anyhow. ;)

My group heading down the harder trail.

Here's the "flower ridge" part. :) (Next few pictures.)


  See our trail? A long hike. It was tiring and hot. I drank all my water before reaching the highest point (the highest point that I went to. :) ) But worth it, of course! :D

We were walking on the edge of death, people. ;P Ha,ha!

Rock everywhere.

  And huckleberries! :D We enjoyed those, for sure. I think there were wild blueberries as well.

   Then we reached the "little" rock arch. Isn't it cool? There was a bigger one, but I didn't go to it. Maybe I should've...

                                          Close to the cliff. 

Red-faced me. ;P

See the person up in the gap? :)

  After a climb through some trees, we dragged ourselves up onto the rocky point called Sawtooth- the second highest point.

                                And what a view! :D

...And a deadly drop-off. :P

   The almost treeless ridge that we traversed. :)

  Some of the group continued on to the top of the "mountain", but I started down. 
                              The "cliff" we stood on. 

   I think on the way down from Sawtooth, I took this picture of the bluebells with the rocks in the background. :) I also almost lost my camera's lens cover. Did I find it lying on the ground somewhere? Anyhow, yea. :P

  Here's Sawtooth from the path that we were going back down on. Just a big rock. :)

                   Down the mountain we went.

Looking back on the trail.
The trail ahead.
  A couple of my cousins we picking bouquets, so I decided to pick one too. :) After all, there were plenty of gorgeous flowers around! So on down the mountain, we picked flowers. ;)

   Here's my bouquet. :) (I'm sure I added more to it!) Aren't those mountain wildflowers GORGEOUS?! I love them! :)

  So, we hiked back down. Me and a bunch of cousins (and siblings; they're usually there too. ;) ) squished in the back of my uncles truck and rode down the rough terrain in there. It was fun. :D I enjoyed all the times during this vacation that I got to ride in the back of people's pickups. ;D

 Then we had to go inside a vehicle for the rest of the trip back to my grandparents. 

 That was my awesome hiking trip! :D Be looking for my next post on my West Coast trip!  



  1. I recognized the first few pictures, but, girl, you went the hard way!? WHAT!!? We always look at it and say, "NEVER!" ;P I didn't even know there was an arch up there? Two of them you say? You must not be able to see them from the main trail? Or maybe I'm just crazy and never seen them? ha,ha!
    Those flowers are beautiful!!! We usually go up there around fall so it's cold and we don't see the flowers! I don't know what our problems are ;P
    It's been a year since we went up there and Felicity says she's dying. ;) We were gonna go last Saturday, but it rained. Then Sunday ended up being beautiful, but it was supposed to rain, so we didn't even think of planning on going up there that day. ;P
    I loved all the pictures, but I really loved the one of your bouquet! <3

    1. Yep, it actually wasn't bad! :) Besides my legs burning on the slightest up-hills. :P But if I can do it, I'm sure you guys can, easily! :D You should go on it sometime. :)
      Yea, the arch I saw was on the hard trail. I don't know about the big arch, though.
      Aren't they? =D You should go up in the summer. But the fall would be more comfortable, because it wouldn't be so hot! ;P
      Well, hopefully you guys can go up there again soon! You're lucky to live so close! ;D
      I'm glad you liked them! :)

  2. EEEP Natasha!!! A little bit jealous over here..cuz ALLL the photo opportunities I'm missing out on! XD These were awesome pictures--I LOVED looking at them!!
    I especially love the fourth picture of the butterfly! Beautimous! =) (why am I using so many exclamation points?? XD) And the panoramas!!!
    You did such a good job on the pictures, and looks like you had an awesome trip! I can't wait to see your next post!

    1. Yes, it's all beauty up there! :D It was an awesome photography time. :)
      Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed them! =D
      That was a really pretty little butterfly. :) (the color even matches my blog! :D) I really like taking panoramas, and this was the perfect place! :D
      Thank you, that was a cool trip! Yay, I'm glad you're excited! ;D

  3. Wow, what a GORGEOUS place! o.o Such beautiful wildflowers, too. <3

    Oh my goodness, I totally get what you're saying about almost losing your lens cap. MY WORST NIGHTMARE EVER. (not really, but you know. :P) #photographerproblems

    1. I know! It was so beautiful there! :)

      Yes, it really wouldn't be nice to lose it! :P Then my lens might get scratched. o.o But something WORSE happened to me on this trip- my card with almost 1,000 pictures got damaged! It was quite scary, but thankfully, I was able to get my pictures off! *dies* :P