Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Trip to the West Coast, part 4: LAVA CANYON

  Part four of my trip to the West Coast! :)

  On this day, my aunt and uncle and their family, and my family went to a canyon where Mt. St. Helen's lava had flown through. 

 We got there, used some horrid smelling outhouses (isn't that normal? Ha, these were bad :P), and started out on the trail. Eating the huckleberries that we met. ;)

   Pretty soon we came to this awesome swinging bridge! :D We had to wait a while for the other people crossing... some rather scared. :P Then we crossed. I went back out to take some pictures...

It's a pretty skinny bridge. 

 And yes, it is definitly a swinging bridge, especially when people run across it, if you can imagine. :P :D

  Leaving the bridge we continued our "hike", and then went off the path at this spot for a bit. With this giant rock. Why didn't I climb that, anyhow? Sometimes when I'm trying to take pictures, I forget to live. :P

Little waterfall. :)

 On we continued! We stopped to get some pictures in front of this big, fragmenting rock.

  Pretty high. Someone had died here the other day, which helped my mom not worry about us when we went near the edge. Right? :P 
  But isn't that pretty? :)

 This is such a cool river, flowing in between these gray rocks.. are they lava rocks, maybe?

See the cool blue color? I wonder what made it like that...

  After we finished our walk through the place, we drove down the road to another place where lava had flown.

 This gray path filled with rocks is the lava path. And that's a road bridge going over it, over there. Or maybe that's pretty obvious? :P

  Beautiful Mt. St. Helens in the background of it's destruction!

  It was hazy, so my pictures weren't the best. It was clearer earlier, I think. At least I got pictures this close, though! :)

  We just walked around for a while. I found some pumice, and it's just sitting down on my bookshelf now. :P But it floats, which is cool. :) And now I can say I have rock from a Mt. St. Helens lava path! ;D

  As we were walking back, someone came across this bird. It just sat there as we looked at it. Then we saw it's chicks! :)

Little fuzz balls! :)

  Then we went home. On the way we saw a herd of wild elk in a field. :D I tried to take a picture, but they were too far away and my camera doesn't zoom very far. :\

  If you missed my last West Coast trip, my mountain hike, then be sure to check it out! It's really long, with a lot of pictures. :)



  1. Wow! That place looks really cool! I've actually never been there! Mt. St. Helens is so beautiful! <3 I've always loved it! It's fun to call it "my mountain" since I see it almost everyday. ;P
    I want a rock from it's lava! =)
    That swinging bridge looks awesome! But I would've been freaking out. I hardly could cross a bridge that goes over a creek without making a fuss. ;P (It was just a log that had been made flat with one railing)
    The little chicks are sooo cute!! =D
    I loved this whole post! =)

    1. Yes, it was. :D I know, mountains are just awesome! :) *whispers*...and I don't live by any. :O :P I used to see Mt. St. Helens out our back window when we lived there. :)

      It was cool! :) I didn't think it was really bad, but then, that's just me. :P

      Yes, they are! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

  2. Those pictures are GORGEOUS, Natasha! I love them! <3 The swinging bridge looks amazing - I so want to cross it :D.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you! :D Yes, that was a pretty cool bridge! :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Natasha!! And those ones of the birds... Aaah! They're so cute!!

  4. Wow, you've visited a lot of gorgeous places this summer! ^_^

  5. WOOAAH. This is AWESOME, girl!!
    That bridge!! I wanna run across it, weird as I might seem! Were you scared going across it? ;)
    And those pictures of the volcano...wow. Just wow. Especially the panorama! So beautiful!
    MAN OH MAN I want that quail. Sooo cute! And her babies...!
    Great post, Natasha!

    1. Thanks! ;)
      That's what my cousins and siblings were doing. :D Um, I don't think I was really scared... I did go back out on it to take pictures. :) It was pretty cool.
      Yes, mountains are amazing. :)
      Yea, it was cool to see that bird and chicks. :D
      Thanks! ^___^