Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

 Time for the monthly review, because February has already come and gone! It does have two\three less days though. ;) And it seems like winter has gone too. All the flowers! <3


\\ We got Logy the goldfish... and he's still alive. ;D (I'm just dubbing it a he I guess...)

\\ I started a photography class, a biology class, and a self defense class. All have been enjoyable. :) The photography one is teaching me about the hobby that I love. :) Even though I thought the biology class would be lame, it's actually interesting... and interesting things happen. And the self defense class is cool, because I find it fun to learn to defend myself... all the different techniques. 

\\ I got Pinterest ;)

\\ We went to the Valentines party our homeschool group puts on each year. That was fun. :)

\\ We went hiking. Read about it here.

\\ Me, my mom, and my older sister met some people at Chick-fil-A the other day. Always nice to get to know new people. :)

purple flowers from the lovely patch of woods ;)

\\ Today me and a few of my siblings went for a walk around the woods... we ended up going on across the field to this little patch of trees. It was SOO pretty there! There was a bunch of old gravestones, some old tires and junk, greenery carpeting the ground, and gorgeous purple flowers! I was in love. ;P It was so intriguing to think of how it might have looked a hundred years ago. One gravestone said sometime in the 1800's... my sister thought one even said 1700's! Now THAT would be cool. I'm not sure if it was that or not... it's hard to read a lot of those.
Anyhow, I'll have to go out there again soon, because I didn't take my camera this time. ;P 

Hopefully March will be more exciting. ;)


Willow Springs by Jan Watson

I think I started this in January...

City Girl by Lori Wick

Probably started this in January too. ;P

Torrent Falls by Jan Watson


\\ Lot's of Sue Thomas F.B. Eye... but now we haven't been watching it because maybe the next seasons are expensive or something. I hope we can find a way to watch them still. :)

\\ We watched the first episode of When Calls the Heart season 4 too. (the first episode after the Christmas special) I hope it gets a little more like the other seasons... more realistic. ;)

\\ We also watched some of a show called Alaskan Bush People. It's interesting... they are kind of odd people. ;P


  I think these are all I bought for books... except for one I ordered which hasn't come yet.

  I spent about ten dollars on a dress, shirt, and belt from Goodwill. Too bad I don't have a picture. 


 One day I was wanting to go somewhere... instead I decided to make cupcakes. These are chocolate (made with wacky cake recipe) cupcakes with fudge frosting. Thus the reason the frosting is draining down the sides. ;P That baking quenched my restlessness. ;)

Something I drew for the When Calls the Heart fan art contest. 


  I'm going to name Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner as the song of the month. February is the month of love, right? Plus it played through my head quite a bit. Not anymore, but it did.

  Maybe I'll try to have a song for each month. :)


\\ Little brother and sister begging you to be the "old granny". ;P Yea. I played something with them once where I was an old lady with a weird voice who chased after them when they didn't listen to me. Good thing you couldn't see me. I can act crazy with little kids sometimes. LOL!

\\ In my biology class when my cousins (and maybe other "classmates") made me laugh... the hard-to-control type of laughing. ;P It was really funny, even though I felt kind of embarrassed. We were doing an experiment with seeing how much water a diaper could hold, if you can imagine why that was funny. ;P


\\ Nature

\\ Spring

\\ People

And many other things, of course. :)



\\ The rest of our homeschool co-op

\\ Watching spring progress

I don't know, just whatever happens to happen. ;)

Well there's a bit of my month! :)


  1. Loved this!
    I get restless sometimes too. And I get so annoyed when I can't think of anyone to go visit or anywhere to go. So, I understand how that feels. I'm glad the baking helped! Those cupcakes look amazing! I LOVE Wacky Cake! I should make it into cupcakes one of these days. When I have nothing else to do. ;P
    Those purple flowers are gorgeous! Spring sure isn't HERE yet. We've had nice days, but mostly it's still wet and cold. We even got snow last Sunday! Of course, it was gone by the time we got home from church, but still. ;P
    That graveyard must've been pretty! I've seen really old gravestones while visiting my grandparents in NH. Some were Revolutionary War Soldiers! Some Civil War. It's so cool to go to that cemetery and walk around. We are always sure to go every time we go out there. :)
    Your drawing of Jack and Elizabeth is amazing!! <3
    Ooh! I love Josh Turner. ;D

    1. :D
      Yea, those times... but baking was a fulfilling part of my day! Or night, actually. ;) Yes, wacky cake is good! :D That's probably the cake we make most.
      I know! It's so much fun seeing everything come to life. Today I saw some trees with leaves blooming on them! Yea, I asked you that question in your letter... but I guess I know now. ;P It's been a different winter... we hardly even got any snow! 0.0 Usually we at least get one or two days of lots of snow, but not this year.
      Oh, it was! Wow, Revolutionary War? That's so cool! I love old gravestones. ;P
      Aw thanks! =D
      Me too! ;D

  2. It sounds like you had a good month, Natasha! :)
    I started watching the 4th season of When Calls the Heart too!!! It's definitely my favorite thing to watch. ;) A friend of mine and I actually just recently did a When Calls the Heart blog party on our blogs. It was super fun.
    I like the picture that you drew for the When Calls the Heart fan art contest. You did a great job. :)

    1. Yes, it was! :)
      I've only watched one episode so far... besides the Christmas special. Hopefully I can get all my siblings to pitch in and buy the next one soon. ;) We don't have Hallmark, so we buy them.
      Oh, that sounds fun! ;D
      Thank you!