Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fantasy Love February Reading Challenge: Reading an Original Fairy Tale

  Today I'm doing another challenge for the Fantasy Love February Reading Challenge. For this one, you have to read an original fairy tale, and answer some questions about it.

 Here's the link to for this particular challenge. ;)

1. What fairy tale did you read?

I actually listened to Rapunzel by Grimm Brothers. (click the link to listen to it yourself. :) )

2. Did you enjoy it?

 Yes, I did. It was short, and had "oldness charm". :D If you can call something that. The story was pretty familiar, probably because I used to borrow fairy tale books from the library when I was little. I may have even heard this original Rapunzel story before...

3. If there is a movie version of it, which is better? If there's not a movie version, do you think there should be an adaption?

 Uh, the only movie version of Rapunzel I know of is Tangled. Which has a totally different feel than the original story. I think Tangled is probably better. It is way longer, and the romance is much more realistic. I like the feel of the original one though, too. :) 

4. Is this the first original fairy tale you've read?

 As I said in question 2, I may have read the original Rapunzel story. I also may have read others, but I don't know. 

5. Do you want to read any more original tales now?

  Yes! :) I should either go onto the site Lit2Go, where you can read stories for free, or see if my library has some. They are fun to read. :)

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