Sunday, February 28, 2016

My New Short Hair and My Little Cake...

  Hey everyone! This is "life update" post... pretty much. :)

  I took this picture not too long ago. I think its daffodils coming up or something. :D Spring is on its way! Right now when I'm writing this (Saturday), its gorgeous outside. :) I'll have to go out later...

Soo... This has been a pretty good week. I cut my hair for one. My mom chopped it, and I'm going to try to sell it... We'll see if that works. :D It's kind of weird holding a braid... that isn't on anyone's head, just saying. Haha. 

 Then later, I think maybe Thursday, I went to the salon and got my hair professionally cut. :)

Ta-da! My new picture! :D

  Yesterday I went to this youth event our home- school group put on. It was quite fun, and I won first place in the dessert contest they were having! :)

    Here's my most prize-winning cake. :D It is a three-layer chocolate coffee cake. Two layers are raspberry pie filling and the other is the white frosting on top of the cake. After it was frosted up, I added cocoa to the white frosting and made these brown swirls and decorations. The pink "pearls" are the finishing touch. :)

    By the way, you can be jealous of my fifteen dollar Chic-fil-A gift card. smiley-happy Haha. :)

   Onto book matters, I'm currently reading Judge, by R. J. Larson. Its the sequel to Prophet, which I've finished of course. I'll probably post my review on here sometime. 

Isn't this a wonderful cover though? <3

  My camera froze up one day, so I got a new, one. It still worked, but you don't want to take chances.
Anyhow, that gave me an opportunity to do a sort of camera photo shoot. :D So here's my camera legacy. (does that make sense? :D) 

On the far right is the sony camera that started my journey of photography, I believe. *sigh* I think that was probably spring 2013.
    This might be a  picture I took the day it all started. :D
That camera had problems. I think I started turning it on with the button that you push to look at the pictures... It seems like if you put your finger on the power button, it just turned off. :D Maybe you think I'm weird, but these cameras hold memories, you know. I want to keep the ones we have left, If my mom will give them to me. :D  
 Anyhow, I used an even older camera of my mom's when the sony stopped working.
This is a picture I took with that one. (can you see this life update post is turning into my camera history post? Ah, sorry. :D) It's actually a Nikon like my newest camera update. :) Except a lot older. 

 That sony camera started working again one day when I tried it, so I could use it again. :) It probably still works, but the charger is lost. 

  Anyhow, then my mom bought a new camera (in the middle of the picture up there) : the Kodak that has taken most of the pictures on this blog. :) The one that broke. 

 Thus, I got my dear Nikon, on the far left of that picture. That one is actually my newest of that particular model... but they look exactly the same, so... :)
If you missed my last photography post, click this link: Little Outdoors Cutie

 There's my random sub-post of my camera history! :) Hope you didn't die of boredom... and my wacko-ness :D

Anyhow, expect to see a photography post of a river and woods and stuff sometime... I took those pictures the day of my last photo shoot. And expect some more recipes too. Sorry, I don't have any blog schedule. It can all be a little unpredictable, I guess. :)
 Until then... :)


  1. Ooh...that's a beautiful cake. I love your new haircut:) ~Moriah

  2. I really enjoyed this post! In fact, I enjoy your whole blog! :D

    1. I'm glad you do! That's nice to know. :)

  3. Love the cake, haircut, and pictures!