Saturday, February 20, 2016

Photo Gallery: Little Red Riding Hood

  Hey, I mentioned I had done a photo shoot in my last post. So today, I am posting it! :) It's fairy tale themed- Little Red Riding Hood, as you have probably figured out.

  This photo shoot totally turned out wonderful! Lucky for me, I have a born-to-be little model here, which really helps, you know! ;D 
  Really, I just love how it turned out... maybe its the vivid red scarf that really makes it enchanting. And those boots are soo cute with the whole outfit! She got those herself, without me telling her too. So cute. :)

  So, get whisked into a little fairy tale for a little while. :D


    So there it it! Photography is just.... just awesome. :) 

   I think I want to do more fairy tale photo shoots. Maybe I can somehow bribe convince a more reluctant someone to be Cinderella... HEHE... It's possible. :D

  Well anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my Little Red Riding Hood photo shoot! If there happens to be any fairy tale that you think I should try to have a photo shoot themed about, please comment! 


  1. Super adorable! You are right, the colors sorta pop.. good combination. I can totally see little red riding hood here:) Marla

  2. Oh, she's so adorable!! She's a perfect little red riding hood!
    I'd love to see a Cinderella photo shoot. :)

    1. She is pretty photogenic, that's for sure=! :)
      Maybe I'll try that... It would be fun! :)

  3. You should try and do a photo shoot of Beauty and the Beast? Just a thought!

    1. I may try that someday! Thanks for the suggestion. ;)