Friday, October 14, 2016

My Bedroom Tour

   Hey! Today I'm going to give you a little tour of my bedroom... just because I thought it'd be fun. ;P Me and my sister right under me share a room, and we recently re-arranged the furniture and all. :)

    Before and after pics would have been much more cool, but all I have is an in-the-process-of-re-arranging photo. You can kind of see what changed... before the beds weren't stacked, and they were on either side of the bad wall. The desk was in between them. ;) 

   Okay, I'll start up on my super high bunk- I can touch the roof with my hands while lying down. It's all good except for the fact that I might be more likely to have spiders visiting me by having two side of my bed against the wall and so high up- by our little window. We put out sticky traps for the spiders, and they get loaded with brown recluses and other creature. Ew. :P

    Here's a panorama from my bunk.

   See? Very close to the roof. When we first moved down into this basement bedroom I hung that little pouch up on the ceiling by a hook there, with peppermint infused cotton balls inside- to repel spiders. ;P I think I need to drop some more peppermint oil in it, though. We like to spray peppermint water around sometimes as well. ;)

  Since I'm too high up for a nightstand, I put this basket on my bookshelf with an assortment of different things I may want at night. ;)

    I made this sign for added decoration. :) Found the quote online, and don't know who's it is... OK, I just looked it up, and it's Christopher Columbus. Hmm. Maybe you guys knew that? It was the first time (that I know of) that I've heard it. :P

        The desk and my cute little bookshelf. :) I like the desk MUCH more here than where it was. 

    My books! Well, The Captive Maiden isn't pictured here- it's in my basket. I have some big non-fiction books too. And I took a couple of these off to sell at the garage sale we're having. 

     My movies (I didn't have Samantha yet when I took this picture), Bible, and Before You Meet Prince Charming. I got that when I was 12 or 13... and *whispers* still haven't finished it. Oops. :P Bad of me. 
   And then I have drawing\writing supplies and bookmarks... and that lovely swan. ;)

     Last "shelf ". Little chest with "stuff" in it, books, binders with my various things- art and such, sketch book, coloring books, and the like. :) I have more down there now, like my new "adult" coloring books. ;)

   The lovely desk. It was actually a sewing desk once. Those silver balls hanging from the ceiling are just tin foil balls on yarn. :P In my desk I have a lot of art things. Also fabric scraps for sewing, my rock collection, a drawer for make-up and hair things... etc. If you really cared to know. ;)

    Anyone remember me mentioning this chest I made this past spring? Well, I finally (with help) put on the hinges and latch, after I got home from vacationing. :P I'm a procrastinator. (And I should be getting to bed now- procrastinating on that. :P)

        The closet. We have a big, tall closet. And everything you see is mine (pretty much). :P My sisters pea-sized section is hidden on the left side. Can you tell I'm the "fashion-lover"? :P

      The shoe etc. shelf was my big DIY project. :) I told my little brother to make me one, but he didn't want to, so I decided to make it myself... only he did end up helping me. :) 


       I still cut boards and nailed things... and cut my finger in the process. The saw jerked the board ('cause I wasn't holding it against the fence, probably), and the board hit my finger. :P
 I got frustrated with how un-square my boards were- so my brother helped me fix that. :P But, I basically did the whole inside shelving myself. Oh, and the side boards had been shot with a gun. Shows how much I cared how it looked. :P Me and my mom DID put putty in the holes.

I was quite pleased with it though! :D

      Here's my dresser. Candle, photo album, jewelry "chest", teacup and plate, my name ;), picture frame, and another quote. :) Oh, and my sister's bow. :P Just completes the picture.

Last pictures, folks! :)



  1. Ooh! I like it! =D We have a bunk bed, too. I sleep on the bottom, but against the wall so I don't have anything to use as a night stand either. (but the top of your bookshelf was a clever thing to use ;P) My dad mentioned building something that hangs on the wall that I could slide my diary and stuff in -- after seeing that shoe shelf that you made I thought, "Maybe I can make a shelf myself?" If I have my brother help me find the wood ect. My dad is super busy with starting up his business and such so that would probably help him out. ;P
    That chest is beautiful!! =D
    I've always wanted a desk that I could use for letter writing and doing hair, makeup and such! But I don't think we have enough room in our bedroom. ;)
    I heard that saying before, but I never knew it was Christopher Columbus! That's cool! :D
    Your book shelf is adorable! It would be nice to have one for own -- I share with my sisters. But I DO have my own dresser now that we have our room, which is exciting! ;)
    I really enjoyed this! =D

    1. :D This is actually the first time I've had a bunk bed... new experience! :P Yea, that would be nice if you could make something to go on the wall for you things. It probably wouldn't be too hard to make. ;) I like it. <3
      Thank you! I keep letters, sketchbooks, and some other things in it. :)
      Yea, our desk is super nice! :D Maybe you find a really tiny desk that'd fit in your room. ;)
      Yep, it is. :) It's an interesting quote.
      That's my biggest purchase of all time! ;D It was eight dollars at a garage sale on year. That must be nice to at least have your own dresser! :)
      Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  2. I loved this, Natasha! Seeing your bookshelves was probably my favorite part :D.

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I like my bookshelf. ;D