Thursday, October 20, 2016

Currently in October

   Hey! How has October been for everyone? It's been a good month for me, especially considering the event of today... no more! Proceed to my "current happenings" for the exciting details! ;D 


\\The weather. It's been struggling a little to let fall take over. But today it was rainy and cold, so, a good sign. ;P

\\I started a photography site! (which I've already told you...) Click here to visit it.

\\Eleventh grade continues on for me. I haven't had very many subjects, but I started an economics book yesterday. It's nice to feel like your doing enough. ;) I'll see how I like economics, though... *suspicious look* ;P

\\I found this lovely record player at a garage sale! :D

and last, but not least...

\\ I GOT MY DRIVER'S PERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D YES, FINALLY! Here's the story. So, on Monday, I went to take it, but promptly failed the VISION test, of all things. :P So yesterday I went to the eye doctor. And picked out glasses. Then I went to try take my test again today. Nervous. I had to take the vision test again, though the eye doctor thought I wouldn't have to. I thought the guy might not let me go on to my written test (like he didn't the last time), but he did. Maybe I passed the vision test this time? Don't know. So, then he gave me the test and I sat down to take it. I was scared I was going to fail. After a long time (forty questions later) I brought the test up to the guy. And passed! It was awesome! Then I "the people" took my picture and all that, and I got got my permit card. :) So I can drive at last

OK, I'm done. Sorry about that huge story just about passing the written test. Don't even think about the drive test! *dies*


    Erm, I'm still reading The Captive Maiden, by Melanie Dickerson. :P Maybe you didn't know I was reading it, but I started it a while ago. I just haven't been reading much, apparently. It's been good, though! :)


   I made some "business" cards for my photography just before the garage sale we had. It was too windy to put them out on display, though. :P I'll probably have to revise these sometime, because the writing at the bottom isn't very clear.

   And if you saw my bedroom tour, you know I made this closet shoe etc. shelf. ;) I didn't make it myself, unfortunately. ;P 


   Sour berry gummi worms. ;) I think I ate too many today, though. I kind of have bad self- control many times sometimes. :P 

  And yesterday we tried this Healthy Vegan Mac & Cheese last night. It was fair enough. It's made with sweet potatoes, nutritional yeast, and other things, which is quite good for you, but doesn't really taste like macaroni and cheese. ;)


  After I failed my vision test, we went to some stores... including Goodwill. That means cool stuff, right? ;) Anyhow, I went to look for records.

   I found one of Gospel songs (don't think I know the singers, though), and this one by Jim Reeves. He was recommended to me, so I got it. Don't know if this particular record is a good one or not...? I didn't listen to much of it yet.




\\ Well, a more immediate thing, is my self portrait. It's part of my homework for the art class I'm in, and that class is tomorrow.

\\Do the rest of my posts about my summer vacations! Err, it takes so long for me to get that done!

\\Some other posts.

\\Also, I should get back into recipe making! ;)


\\ Our harvest party... if we ever do it. WE HAVE TOOO! ;P I need some social time, people. Really.

\\ More cold weather! :D 

\\ Driving...? Sort of scared, though...





  2. YAY!! You got your permit!!! =D I'm so glad you passed!!!!
    Sour Gummy Worms!? I want some! (you make my Lemonheads sound boring ;P)
    You got records!! I don't think I know any of the singers on that gospel one... hopefully my sisters don't jump all over me for saying that ;P I've never seen that Jim Reeves album. I own his gospel album (I bought it while in town that one day... with you ;P)... I haven't really heard him sing any "bad" songs, so you should be safe ;) But I could just not know any...
    I hope you guys have a Harvest Party! Sometimes I feel like I NEED social time, too. ;) But this weekend my Aunt and Uncle are visiting from... well, seven hours away, anyway ;P So, I should be good for now. :) (I probably see people more than you do, but they're people who may as well be siblings, so I don't feel like I'm socializing while with them)
    I was super excited/scared about driving, too. I hope you get comfortable with it real fast. :)
    I really enjoyed this post!

    1. (we don't have any stamps... I'll send your letter out whenever I can. Sorry)

    2. THANK YOU!!! :D I'm glad to finally have it!
      Haha, yes, gummy worms are really good! But Lemonheads are too! ;D
      Yes! Yea, I don't know them either. I'll just have to listen to all the Jim Reeves ones and make sure they're good. ;)
      Yea! We are kind of bad at getting things planned (especially an actual "party") but I really hope we can do something! I hope you enjoy having your aunt and uncle visit! :)
      I hope so too! Especially driving an SUV... scary. :P

      (that's okay. :) )

      Glad you enjoyed my post! ;)

  3. LOOOVED this post, Natasha!! Sounds like you've been having a pretty fun month. (ooh, and by the way, I love your post\header\picture thingy =p)
    EEP you made your own business cards?! And you have a website?! You're getting offcial, girl. =D I can't wait to see where you go with your photography!
    A harvest party!? Sounds so fun! (I'm a social butterfly on steroids, so I can understand how you feel about social time =p) You must post pictures of it for my hungry little eyes...=p
    I hope you have a wonderful rest of your October!

    1. Yay, glad you loved it! ;D Yes, it's been a good month. (Thanks! :) )
      Yea! I sure am! ;D Hopefully I can start doing pictures for other people sometimes... soon? If I'm good enough yet. Thank you!
      Yea, I'll have to see if we actually pull it off! I hope so. :)

      THANKS! =D

  4. Eeep, October passed SO FAST. It's almost over already. This has seriously been the fastest month of the year for me. So much busyness. *sigh*

    It was hot here... and now it's freezing. It changed in a day. And then changed back. And then changed again. :P

    Also, NaNoWriMo is so. soon. and I need to finish my outline for it.

    1. Yea, there's only about ten more days left! Then we'll be in Thanksgiving season! :)
      That's sort of how it's been here. We got cool weather, then it warmed up (sometimes like, REALLY hot!) and now it's COLD! ;)
      I hope you have a good time with NaNoWriMo! ;)