Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Trip to the West Coast, part 5: Train Ride

    It's about time I finish my posts on this past summer! So I'm working on that! ;)

   So, one of the days of my West Coast vacation, we went and rode this little old- fashioned train. :)

   Here is is. I took this after our trip, but I'm just putting the picture first. :)

   It was a scenic trip. We crossed a bridge over this river...

...Went through a dark tunnel! :D

   It was a clunky-sounding ride. ;P 

   Then we stopped to go walk down to a waterfall, passing through this old-fashioned train car. :) 

Aren't the falls pretty? :)

  On the way back, we saw some horses running in a pasture... They're so beautiful! Love horses. :)

   So that was one of our little experiences this summer! ;)

  I also thought I'd put some pictures that I left out in my last post, about the Lava Canyon. On our way "home", we stopped at a place beside the road where a little stream ran under the road, and walked through the trees to a bridge.

   After we came back to where the vehicles were parked, I took some pictures of these gorgeous foxgloves. They're really poisonous, but I love them! ;) 

    Well, that's that! :) My last post on our West Coast trip will be the beach (AMAZING!), and then I'll do a couple posts on my other summer trips. =D


  1. That scenery is beautiful!! And that's so cool that you got to ride an old train! :D


    1. It is! :) Yep, it was a nice experience. ;)

  2. I haven't been on that train since before my grandma died! I really loved it back then - and I love seeing it in town when we drive by ;) (I've actually WALKED by it a few times :D) It's such an adorable train. ;)
    I'm glad you got to go on it! I kinda miss hearing the whistle of it when we lived closer. I always knew when they were running it.
    I enjoyed these pictures!

    1. It is pretty cool. So old-fashioned! ;)
      Yea, I enjoyed riding it! :) That must've been cool to be able to hear the whistle from your house. :)

  3. These pictures are amazing, Natasha! I especially like the one of the horses - so beautiful!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you! Aren't they? Horses are amazing. :)