Monday, October 31, 2016

October Highlights

     Have you ever thought about how fast time passes? 'Cause it really passes fast! It was just summer, and now we are going to be seeing Christmas stuff everywhere. Prematurely, I know, but that's how ahead-of-time people these days start celebrating holidays. Last Christmas, (I think it was Christmas Eve?) I was at Dollar General, and there was ALREADY valentines day things out! Like, seriously! :P

   OK, OK, back to business. To the highlights of October. :)


Weeellllll... er, what did we do? *looks back on my blog posts, since they're kind of like a public diary* OK.

\\ I started my photography site. I know you know that, if you're on of my "regular readers", but it happened this month, so I might as well say it. ;)

\\ Me and my sister re-did our room. (yep, you know that too! :P)

\\ I went garage saling and found lots of cool stuff! (and that...)

\\ We HAD a garge sale... which didn't turn out super great.

\\ I GOT MY PERMIT!! :D As you know. And I've been driving. I learned that driving is scary. :P Anyhow, in October, I got 2 hours and 40 minutes of driving time logged. That's a start. ;)

\\ I finished blogging about my trip to the West Coast! :)

\\ Our home-school group co-op classes ended. It was fun. :) 

\\ I went to a youth event put on by people from our home-school group. They called it "redneck Olympics", and we had to do things such as pounding a nail into a stump, shooting cans, and a watermelon eating contest. I was basically forced to do the watermelon eating contest (since only one person on my team wanted to do it, and there had to be two), and I DID NOT want to do it! Didn't want to get messy, didn't want to look like a pig. :P So I took little bites and ate off the top peak. Pathetic, but I didn't even want to do the thing. ;P
  Anyhow, I DID have fun at that event. After there was a campfire where we roasted marshmallows and hot-dogs, and then we played a game in the dark. My favorite part was probably when I actually got to talk to people. :) That's better than games.

\\ Didn't end up getting a harvest party done. :\ We could still do something, at least a fall get-together, but I don't know if we will. We just don't know how to get stuff planned! Maybe I'll plan a Christmas party instead... however far-off that is. Might as well start planning now, so it'll actually happen! ;)


  Wow, I actually read a lot this month (for me)! Well, two of these are books I started before, but finished this month. ;)

Sweet Dreams by Robin Jones Gunn

    I bought this because it was the next book I needed... and it was pretty cheap, too. :) So now I think I only have one more book to read in The Christy Miller series! :)

The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson

    Yea, I was reading this in September... but I finished it this month. Twas good! :)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

   One of my classes in co-op (just a "fun" one) was going to be having trivia questions of this book, so I started reading it. I've watched the movies, but of the books, I had only read The Horse and His Boy. What better time to start finishing the series? :) I enjoyed this one.

The River by Beverly Lewis

    I started this WAY back when I was still on vacation. :P But it wasn't that interesting, so I put it aside for other books. I just recently picked it back up and finished it. All-in-all, it was an enjoyable read. :)


God's Not Dead 2

    This was a good movie. :) I think I might have liked the first one better, though. 

   I also watched some of these movies called Revelation Road. They're about the end times, and I don't really recommend them. I watched maybe most of the second one, and was watching the third- and that's when I stopped, because there was some disturbing things. Not my type of movie. They're not exactly bad. They're just not what I like to watch, and the disturbing part seemed unnecessarily dramatized.

October Baby

  I re-watched this with my sister, who had never watched it. I really like it. :) For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a good movie. It's about a girl who's mom tried to abort her, and she finally finds out years later from her adopted parents. It's an inspirational movie, both funny and touching. :) Oh, and there's a smidgen of romance, which I found sweet. ;)

It's a Wonderful Life

   I also re-watched this, just last night, with my 14 and 9 year-old sisters. :) My brother watched some of it, but he must've thought it was kind of boring (or a combination of that and not liking the romance. ;P) But he did laugh at some parts, I think. The end (where he's "rejoicing" over his cut and crashed car and all) is so funny! ;P


 Guys, I have already broken my record of posts from 2015... 81 in 2015, and 88 so far in 2016. :D This month I did 12.


As for future posts... OK, maybe I just won't name them off. :P Why is it that I NEVER seem to run out of things to post? Maybe that's a good thing, but it also has me spending a lot of time on here. Anyhow, be looking for more posts. As if you have to LOOK. ;D


\\Thanksgiving! =D

\\Christmas! =D


   OK, there's more than that, but these are the big things (obvious as they are...).

Anyhow, I hope you had a good October! And have a WONDERFUL November!! =D


  1. I loved this post!! That's too bad about your harvest party. I hope you get around to having a Christmas one. ;)
    Oooh! I LOVE "October Baby"! I actually bought it for myself... a while ago. (One of the few movies I bought myself)
    I haven't watched "It's a Wonderful Life" yet this year - strickly waiting for Christmas ;P After Thanksgiving. I'm also waiting to watch "Holiday Inn" for the first time! =D
    I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! I think I'm more excited this year than I've ever been. My Aunt and Uncle are coming down for their family Thanksgiving and even if I only see them once while they're here I'd be happy. I've been missing Kirsten and little Kaaren. :) I haven't seen them since my graduation party. ;P
    I can't wait to go Christmas shopping! I'm afraid I can't afford to get much this year, but it's fun to see how far I can stretch $5 for each person. :D

    1. Glad you did! :) Yea. BUT, we're probably getting together with people twice this week, so that'll be fun. :D Yea, I'll have to figure something out for that... *scheming* ;D
      Isn't it good? :D
      Ooh, I should find some movies to watch during Christmas season... that would be fun. :) Of course, I could watch "It's a Wonderful Life" AGAIN. ;)
      Thanksgiving, yes! :D That's cool that your aunt and uncle are coming. :) I think we're having family from out of state coming for Thanksgiving... we usually do.
      I don't know what I'll do for Christmas presents... I have like NO money. I don't usually get much anyhow, unless I make it. :P

  2. Great post, Natasha!
    Sounds like you had an eventful October--so did we, but I enjoyed all the business (other than alllll the schooool XD).
    YES A CHRISTMAS PARTY IS THE MOST GENIUS IDEA. I hope your family is able to pull it off!!
    I wish you the best November ever!!

    1. Thank you!
      Yea, it was yet another good month. :) I also enjoy busy-ness! It doesn't happen too often here, though. ;P
      Yea! It was my idea, so I'll see if the rest of my family want to do it and will help me pull it off! :D
      Thank you! Hope your November is good as well! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading about your month, Natasha! :)
    That’s so fun that you and your sister redecorated your room! :)
    Congratulations on getting your permit!!! :D That’s so exciting.
    I’ve read “Sweet Dreams” and “The River” too. =)
    I have also watched God’s Not Dead 2 and October Baby. I would like to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” sometime, maybe I will around Christmas time. ;)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
      Yea, we switched all the furniture around... it's been a nice change. :)
      THANK YOU! =D
      Cool! I enjoyed them both.
      Both good movies. :) Yea, "It's a Wonderful Life" would be a great movie to watch around Christmas. :)