Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

   April was quite certainly the best month of 2017 so far. So many things happened, and most pretty exciting and hopeful. *grins* What a month.


\\ The earliest date I could take my driving test has passed. I do not have enough hours yet. *sighs* However, I do continue to work at it! There's so much to do and practice! Ahhhh! 

\\ "Hit the town" with my siblings (ages 12 to 20) a couple of times... just having fun going out to eat and going to stores. ;)
The picture above is from the latest- we went to Chick-fil-A. *cheers* And I got the usual spicy chicken sandwich, and tried a frosted lemonade. =D Don't mind my messy hair in that picture. ;P

\\ Went to Florida! Of course, my last post gave you many details... sorry. ;P It was an awesome vacation!

\\ I got a tan, guys. From the above. ^^  *winks*

\\ Finished watching When Calls the Heart season 4. There were at least a couple great episodes in there, but the last one was... well, a bit lame. Like, SERIOUSLY, make Jack and Elizabeth get married!!! Season 5, come soon!

 This was my outfit. :) I look kind of weird in this 
picture, but whatever. ;P And I didn't realize how 
fast my curls fell out...
\\ Then last Friday, me and my sister went to our homeschool group's first high school banquet!! It is an event to take the place of prom, and it was really fun! I got to dress up in a semi-formal dress with heels and pearls. :D And so we went and had dinner with all the other dressed-up high-schoolers. It was a fun new experience. :)
After that we went to a church and changed into casual clothes for a scavenger hunt! It was dark by then. My sister, cousin, and I ended up the only ones on our team. ;P We had an adult driving us around, and there were all these things we could chose from to do, each giving us a certain amount of points. We did a lot of crazy thing! Hanging upside down from monkey bars, bagging someone's groceries, washing the windshield of someone's car- and we had to get a picture of each. We even got a picture with a policeman (after walking up to the back door of the police station and getting their attention through the window. xP I know.), and a fire truck. It was so fun though! =D Sometimes I like to be crazy.
We didn't win, but I think we were close. *winks* 
Back at the church we played some games. The last was volleyball. That was so much fun! I found that I do really like it! =D 

We stayed until midnight. Like, I've been waiting my whole life for this. Maybe that's exaggerated, lol. ;P Fun memories made.

\\ The day after that full night, me and my sister went to a little party- a secret sister's reveal party. That was nice enough. Then we went home with one of the girls- to thus hang out for a while. :)

\\ And on the last day of the month, Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncles for a cookout, and stayed there all day. My grandparents were here and leaving the next day. I had a very nice time hanging out with all the cousins. *winks* Having a few... adventures. ;P 


I uh... *smiles sheepishly* did not finish any books this month. 
*all the bookworms raise their eyebrows in shock*
Yes, it's bad. BUT! I have an excuse. I went to Florida for ten days, and did not bring my current book, A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes. SO, I started one of the books my sister brought: All in Good Time by Maureen Lang. But then we came home and a review book had come for me, so I had to start that, and have not finished it yet. It is The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller. 
I've been more busy, thus reading less. Sorry (like you care ;P).


So... you pretty much fail at everything when you're busy-er? Because I like, only gave you guys, ahem, three post this month? Yea. Poor neglected blog. ;P

Anyhow, I will link those three little April posts. ;)


\\ When you keep cracking up over a picture you took, when someone is making the most hilarious face. *dies laughing* ;P It's so funny.

\\ When you hit your first possum while driving. ;P

\\ When you've been eating way too much sugar, but it's there so... just keep eating it. Like, two doughnuts? Whatever. ;P


\\ Time spent with relatives! SO awesome!

\\ Beaches and Florida-ness. ;)

\\ Finally feeling like I might be  getting a social life. Maybe I'm starting to break out of my shell. ;) Such a great feeling.

\\ Chocolate *grins* I got a giant Hershey chocolate bar, so that's been disappearing...

So really, just a very blessed month! <3

(I may add some pictures of the banquet and things, but it's too late right now)



  1. Sounds like a good month! You went to the banquet!!! I bet it was just the best thing ever! ;P I'm thinking you looked beautiful in your dress with heels and pearl! <3
    You hit a possum!? Was it scary!? Felicity hit a cat once. *shudders* It was so sad. And the bump was so gross!
    Was my April awesome too?? Um.... *goes and looks at pictures to see what happened* Oh yeah! I got sick. *laughs* That week was not amazing. But the week before was great! I got to see my uncle Jonathan, ate Rocky's Pizza, had a poem written for me *grins huge* - It's so beautiful, Julia's amazing- got an adorable sweatshirt, on Sunday I bought some church sandals for $25!! I really didn't plan to, but they were having a sale, and I had no summer church shoes, and my mom said it's warm in NH right now, so.... *still is a little sad that I had to spend more money than planned*
    Enjoyed! <333

    1. It was! Yes, it was such a fun night! :D Well thank you, I put a picture of my outfit up there now, but I don't look the greatest in it. ;P
      Not really... I don't think I even reacted that much, for some reason. ;P Then a dog ran out a little while later, and I was like "I don't want to hit another animal!" lol. But hitting someone's pet would be terrible! I'd probably like, cry or something. ;P
      It sounds like you had a good April too. :) Besides the being sick part. ;P
      I'm glad you enjoyed! <3

    2. OH YOU'RE SO CUTE!!!! I LOVE your dress!!! I don't think you look weird in the picture! <333
      I would cry too! That would be so horrible! Luckily, the cat Felicity hit didn't far as we know. ;) But it was still sad. :)

    3. AW THANKS!! <3
      I know! It'd be terrible. O.O

  2. Your dress is so cute, and those heels are really cute too! I haven't really done much this month that Daminika hasn't told you in her comment *winks* I got sick and laid around for like 4 days! It wasn't to good. My cat Duchess is pregnant!! I hope they all survive because my other cat's kittens all died except for Duchess, and the Mother died too, so we had seven three week old kittens to take care of, yeah it was a LOT of work! But so I'm hoping that they all live and we could maybe sell the kittens!

    1. Thank you!
      Oh, that's no fun. :P That's cool that your cat is pregnant- kittens are fun. ;) I hope they survive! :)

  3. When Calls the Heart yesss I totally agree the finale was kinda lame ;)

    Oh I love your dress :)

    Great post :)

    1. Yea, unfortunately. ;)
      Thank you!!
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  4. Ahh!! Can't believe I missed this post until now! Sounds like April was very blessed for you! I always love spending time with cousins--any stories behind the 'adventures' with yours? ;)
    Oh my goodness, Jack and Elizabeth should definitely get married and go get a two-story farmhouse and have a dozen children next season. LOL It's been rather slow-moving, hasn't it? I didn't get a chance to watch any of season 4, but it sounds like I didn't miss TOO much.
    Hey, I'm not going to throw any bookwormish stones--I'm not sure that I even finished two books last month. :S It's been busy here, too. ☺
    Great post, and I hope your May is just as happy & filled as your April!!
    Blessings & Love in Christ,
    Georgie Grace