Monday, May 29, 2017

Book Review: A Love So True


 Evelyn Wisely loves working at the local orphanage, but her heart can't ignore the women of Teaville who are also in need. Her boss is willing to help build a shelter for them, but only if she gains the cooperation and financial support of other local businessmen. 

While David Kingsman plans to stay in Teaville just long enough to get his father's business back on solid ground, he's intrigued by Evelyn's cause and finds himself more invested with each passing day.

Will their plans and partnership fall apart when confronted with all that is stacked against them, or can they trust in God's plan despite it all?


My second review book from Bethany House, and I greatly enjoyed it! It was interesting, somewhat humorous, sweet, and with a secret you wonder about until it's revealed! It also has a definite share of heartache as well, which just makes it a good book. 

I really like Evelyn. She is caring to those around her, but she is standoff-ish and any man who tries to steal her heart doesn't try for too long. I like when the character's don't fall in love right away, or when there is something in the way. And also when the female character isn't the typical spunky independent lady. *rolls eyes* Evelyn is fairly independent, but she's still different than the normal historical romance heroine.

David Kingsman. *heart eyes* The charming grin, melt-your-heart guy. He's just so amaazzingg! He's so kind-hearted, kinda funny, and so sweet to Evelyn. <3 I just... love David. And yes, this paragraph was quite "unprofessional review" sounding, but I'm taking about the guy here, it's to be expected. ;P

I loved the part at David's mansion. The party, the dancing, the garden... so intriguing. :) And plus that part... that was like so perfect. *hugs it* 

The romantic elements at the end were described a little too much in my opinion. I don't really need to know about all their feelings when they kissed and all. Or how much they kissed. But whatever.

Also, there was one thing in the story I'm not quite sure about, and it put a little bit of a damper on the story. If you want to read the big spoiler, see my Goodreads review here. It might be OK, but I'm just not sure.

All in all, it was a lovely read, and I have a beautiful paperback copy for my shelf! *smiles*

I would recommend A Love So True to ages 15\16 to adult.


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