Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017

May is over! Onto June and beautiful summer, folks! And my monthly recap, of course. While this month wasn't all full of adventures like April, it was still a good month.  


\\ Garage sales at the military base (link to post)

\\ Hanging out at family get-togethers, with friends, and at a Bible study my family, relatives, and friends have started. 

\\ We bought a house! It was built in the 70's, and needs fixing up. We've  already done some hard labor there. We tore all the carpet out, pried up tack-strips, hauled carpet and carpet padding out to the dumpster (carpet is heavy), pulled screws and nails from the wall, and vacuumed some of the rooms. Or maybe they're all done? I didn't go the last time "everyone" went. My mom sanded the kitchen ceiling, then decided to test for aspestus, so we haven't been working on it lately. But we'll be back at it this month. And working on houses makes you sweat like crazy, and it's dirty, and sometimes you have to wear oppressive, human-muzzle masks. :P Those things. But being our house, some of it is fun. Like tearing up the carpet- that wasn't bad. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to destroy your house? Well, buy an old house and you can cut the carpet with a utility knife. ;P That makes it easier to haul. And you can pry those tack strips up and get your thumb cut by a splinter. Such fun stuff. *cheesy grin* It will be fun to get MY room done. Paint over the black walls with green faces on it. xP So anyhow, after I write this huge long thing you probably aren't interested in... we have lots of work ahead.

\\ I have over half of my driving hours in. Now I need to focus on learning everything I'll need to know on my test. 

\\ 11th grade is coming to a close, though I'll probably have to do Chemistry into June until I'm done. Not too bad.

\\ I took my little sisters down to a big storage\shop building by our house for pictures. The dramatic lighting in there was fun to experiment with. :)


\\ READ \\

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller

Wasn't my favorite. See my review here.

A Love So True by Melissa Jagears

A wonderful book! <3


King's Faith

   I liked this movie. It's kinda a redemption story, and it was interesting. There was some intense parts (creeepy drug guys), so not for young children. 


    Not really my favorite, though it was interesting enough. Also for an older audience.

Heart of the Country

   Me and my sister re-watched this movie last night. The end is really cute. ;) 

\\ MADE \\

Mint Oreo No-Bake Cheesecake! I found the recipe on Pinterest. It was really good! We had to 1\3 the recipe because we didn't have enough cream cheese... and it was soft. It looks perfect in the pictures with the recipe, of course. Need to figure out what brand of cream cheese is best.


\\ Well, all the things from garage sales.

\\ A 16 oz container of sour gumi worms, on sale for $1.49. Yes, a pound of gumi worms, unless it's in volume. *laughs* I take deals when they come. ;P

\\ Oh, another deal! I bought a package of double stuffed Oreos from an Amish store for... it might've been the same amount as the gumi worms. Oreos are usually at least $3, and I got it for $1 something. *smug look* They tasted good, but they were a little softer than the ones that probably aren't expired. ;P Oh! And they're especially good after being in the freezer for awhile. *winks* Tips for when you buy likely-expired cookies.

\\ I got three books this month! 

Bethany House sent me A Love So True to review, and I got Whisper on the Wind from Tyndale Rewards. I'm thinking I got that this month? And I bought Whirlwind from Goodwill.


I did eight posts this month (counting this one). That's a recovery from last month. ;P


\\ When you're numbering your paper for a chemistry quiz and you write: 1, 2, 3, 14... What?! Where did that come from? ;P *rips the page out and starts over*

\\ When the parking spaces are diagonal and you can get in easy. Ahhh... or when you park crooked at church. Hehe. Not so good.

\\When you take a break from working on your house (5 people) and eat about a whole jar of salsa and bag of chips. *grins with no shame*

\\ When the shear amount of pictures you have overwhelms you. In a not-good way. Help. xP

\\ When there's a firefly in your room one night.

\\ When you go to the dentist and they ask you if you want a prize. *blink blink* UM, uh, no thank you. ;P You do know I'm 16, so...??

\\   When you're writing a review and... *can't remember the main character's name* The guys name is David. What's her name? (of course I remember the guys name and not hers! xP) But I did remember it after. *winks*

\\ When all the mosquito eaters plaque your house. And a moth flies up from the crack in between your bed and the wall. Ew, no bug comes into my bed! *smacks it with my book*

\\ You tell your little brother he should eat his food and then he'll get big muscles and be able to peddle his bike up the hill. 

Him: *back in the house* *eats his food* *excitedly* I ate my food! Now I can do it! *goes as though to try*

Uh... well, not that fast! 

\\ You and your sister home alone. Someone knocks on the door. We hide... and get the wasp spray. xP

Yep, that's a lot of moments.



  1. You had a Firefly in your room? I've never even seen one before!! I know it's crazy.
    Oh yes!! Hiding with the wasp spray! *laughs*
    Our house was built in 1948 so it needed a lot of work when we moved in too. Still does, actually. ;P but the month before moved in, we were there everyday painting and cleaning and when we did move in the fridge had to be in the garage and talk about annoying! Thankfully my dad fixed that pretty quick. ;P

    Last night Tyrel made me drive on a main road in a stick shift!! At first I couldn't get going and a car came up behind us! So Tyrel was like, "Yeah, I'm gonna drive from here" because we were sitting at a stop sign. Then he pulled over to the side of the road and had me drive from there instead. I did better and got out on the road and I to fifth gear! *flexes*

    1. Yep! What, you've never seen a firefly? Sad. ;P There have been times when we're driving home at night and there's lots of them blinking outside. So pretty! :)
      Haha, I know! xP
      That's old, wow! You must have done lots of work! But that's cool- do you ever think about the people who lived in there back in 1948? :D
      We're probably going to be working in there like crazy once my mom gets the aspestus test back. It will be fun to do a before and after post about it once it's done! ;D

      Haha, fun! You're going to be a pro by the time you go back home. ;D

  2. you guys bought a new house?? that's so cool!! and hahahha, Ju and I know all about ripping carpet out. what we do is roll it in strips and toss it out the window a flight down LOL.

    and I understand way too tell about the too-many-pics. I have like two 32gb cards full. whoops. (that was just in one year lol)

    and omw wasp spray?? that's the best. grab a pan next time too *laughs*

    1. Yes we did! =D Haha, that's the way to do it! xD We don't have an upstairs though.

      oohhh it's really stressful trying to get rid of some pictures, isn't it?! xP I have a folder on our computer, and it's like, 18.9 GB, of mostly pictures. ;P I usually import my pictures onto the computer and erase them from the card.

      Yep, wasp spray for defending ourselves against bad guys! xD It can spray really far though. Oh yea, a pan would be awesome too! Tangled! xD haha

  3. That’s so great that you guys bought a house! It sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure the results will be worth it! :)
    I’ve seen Kings Faith before. It’s pretty good. :)
    I had fun reading about your highlights of May, Natasha!

    1. Yea, it's exciting! :) Yes, we haven't worked on it for awhile (because of the aspestus test) but we have a lot of work ahead. And it will be so nice when it's done! :D
      Oh cool! :D It is.
      I'm glad you did! ;)