Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review: The Chapel Car Bride


This book tells the story of a chapel car preacher and his daughter, Hope, who travel to a mining town to minister to the people there. They make new friendships, and face hardships and danger, some involving moonshiners who might shoot first and ask questions later if you stumble upon their illegal operation.

So... this book really wasn't my thing. Most of the book wasn't all that interesting to me. Building a church, fixing up the miner's homes, the scoundrel telling huge lies and doing scoundrel things... Plus the story skipped through time a bit. You don't really get to see Hope and "her guy" first get to know each other. It just tells that it happens. 

I didn't really care for the romance. Some of it felt kind of cheesy to me. I'm kinda picky about how the romance is in books. ;P

The end was probably my favorite part, maybe because what most of the book was about was over with, and we got more of Hope and Luke's relationship? 

So I'm not saying I didn't enjoy any of it. All in all, it just wasn't for me. You might love it, so don't let my review keep you from checking it out! :)

*I received this book from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review

Kind of a cheesy review, but that's that.  All the "maybe's" and "kinda's". ;P This review might be a little late too...
 It's too bad I didn't love the book, because the cover is pretty. :)

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