Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Great Experience

I just got back from that mission event for young people, late Thursday night. It was a great experience! I went with some of our friends from here, and a few people I didn't know well. The drive was around 2-3 hours, so not bad. We stayed at a high school- my room was a Chemistry lab. ;D 

The first night I didn't get to sleep well at all, but that was just the first night, thankfully. *winks* I slept good the rest of the time.

The second day was Sunday, so we all went to local churches for worship, ate lunch, and went to the place where we'd be working. My group was going to do work on an older man's house. He has breathing problems, so he couldn't do it himself- plus he wouldn't have been able to afford it. His house was in rough shape. We replaced some of the boards on the side of the house, gave it a fresh coat of paint, replaced most of the metal under-trimming (which I painted most of it black myself *winks*), painted the front porch, and fixed up the back porch. Me and my friend helped a lot with the back porch. We screwed most of the "floor" boards on ourselves. *is proud of myself* ;P But it was cool to see how much our work meant to the man. He just kept on thanking us- and he might even start going to church now. It's so awesome to make a difference in someone's life! :)

Okay, so I kinda jumped to the end of the story there. That's the working part. 

In between working, worship, devotions, and meals we just had a good time hanging out. I got to know the people I came with better during these times (and devotions, I suppose), which was awesome. ;) 

The book I occasionally read during free time 

Sometimes we'd play games, eat snacks, or just hang out in the cafeteria. And of course, we ate here too. I love that cafeteria. ;D

Worship was sometime after supper, in the gym. We sat in the bleachers, and let me tell you, sitting on the benches isn't very comfortable. ;P The chairs are way better. That's obvious.

We got up around 5-something to 6 in the morning to get ready to work and eat breakfast. I am NOT used to getting up that early! I probably looked half-dead some of the times walking in for breakfast. ;P The worst part was probably getting out of bed- after that, you're pretty much good. It wasn't that hard though.

The hallway in the girl's area. Sleeping in a school was a cool experience. *winks* I kinda miss this week...   

After work, there was bound to be a giant line for the showers. That's a shower trailer right there- there was five showers in it, for all the girls\ladies to use. The best thing to do was change and hang out until the line went way down. :P Maybe I'm weird, but the shower trailer was a fun experience too. xP Especially racing down the hall to get your things and going out there bare-foot so you can get in before other people. ;D

Sorry about the bad pictures- they WEREN'T taken with my good camera, plus a lot are probably quick snapshots. I think I edited all of them a little. ;P 

It rained quite a bit while we were there. This picture was from the evening we left for home. 

So all in all, it was a really great time, and I'd definitely think about going again next year! =D



  1. OHHHHH MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE. You slept in a chemistry lab?! Well....I guess there's always a first time for everything. xD Sounds like you had quite the adventure, girlie!
    I want to be a missionary when I grow up, so these sort of posts are very interesting to me! =)

    1. It was pretty great! :D Yea, I think it was the room where they'd do experiments and stuff. ;P It was a new adventure! And being only the second trip I've gone on "alone", without anyone from my family. ;)
      That's awesome! I'm glad you found my post interesting! :)

  2. You stayed in a school!? That's cool!!! Was it spooky at night? ;P

    1. Yes, it was cool! ;D No, it wasn't spooky. ;P There were lots of people there. *winks*

  3. Cool! I think it would be cool to sleep in a school!
    Was it spooky at night?

    1. Lol! I just seen what Daminika said about it being spooky!

    2. It was a fun experience! :)
      Haha, you must think alike! *winks*

  4. This is so neat! Like you said--a great experience, showing Christ's love to people in such practical ways!

    1. It was pretty neat! I had a fun time. :)