Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 2017

I'm going to freak you guys out and say: WE ARE HALF-WAY THROUGH 2017!

WHAATTTT???!!!! Did time start ticking faster? 'Cause it seems everyone agrees that time is going by so fast. Maybe we aren't using our time as efficiently as we should be. That would make sense. ;P In any case, June 2017 closes it's doors, and July begins!


Working at our house, and...
working at our house, and
a break, and 
working at my dad's spec house, and
a break, and
Sunday, and
working at our house...

Pretty much that, folks. It's work, the days off where we mostly just sit at home or maybe run errands, and Sunday when we go to Bible study with friends and family. :) Despite that schedule... it's a good life. Being busier right now might be more fulfilling than my typical summer.

Oh, there are a few other happenings:

I got my ears pierced! I'm pretty excited about that. I have about two weeks left before I can try putting some different earrings in. :)

I've still been driving, and only have around 10 more hours to get! But I still have to take that 4-hour class, and practice parallel parking again, and practice at the place I'll have to take my driving test...

Me and my older sister went shopping for my trip, and it was quite fun! We went to Chick-fil-A, found some cute clothes, and just had a nice time. :) Besides one incident that occurred when we got to Goodwill. *shudders* You can read about it in the MOMENTS section. ;P 

Oh, and as for progress on our house? All the bedrooms now have carpet! *confetti* It's starting to look more like a home now. :D

\\ READ \\

I finished A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes

So really not too much reading got done this month- we've been busier, ya know. ;) I am over half-way through Dare by Tricia Mingerink.


These amazing watermelon slushies! It's the perfect thing for summer, you guys. Try it! A few things I'd add to the recipe I linked you to above, is add water, unless you let the frozen watermelon melt a bit first. And you don't need sugar. ;)

Me and my sister found keds-style shoes at Walmart on sale for THREE DOLLARS!! They're so cute! :D

Chick-fil-A's peach milkshake! My little sister and I shared one the other day, and it was really good! It seems that usually when I get a milkshake, I'm kinda sick of it by the end. Not so with this one- maybe it's because we shared it? It had the flavor of peach yogurt, and there was peach chunks in it. *smiles* The chunks might cost extra though. So yea, PEACH MILKSHAKE. 

Finding some nice pants at Goodwill. *cheers*

Making a cool cake for my sister's birthday. And trying to be sneaky about it. ;D


Cleaning at your dad's spec house, and after working, going to lay in one of the closets for awhile. With the door closed and light on, just... lying there. Looking at the ceiling and into the attic opening. Peaceful, right? ;P

When you and your sister are driving down the road, and you see this huge cockroach-looking bug on the outside of the car window. Eeww! Hate cockroaches, and one THAT big? Then we park at Goodwill, and I say something about wondering if I want to open the door, because it might be there still. Then I look over, and it's RIGHT THERE INSIDE the car. I freak out "It's right there!!" and bail into the backseat! It scared me so bad I almost felt like I might cry or something. xP So that horrid creature was sitting there inside the car, and my sister tried to squish it with a booster seat. We're not entirely sure if she got it... I hope so! I don't want to face that again. Next time it might be while I'M driving down the road or something. You do not want to be with me when that happens! xP
Anyhow, that was freak-out of the month. Thankfully, I managed to get back inside the car after we shopped at Goodwill. ;P  Oh, and you may be wondering how the creature got inside the car? I think there's a crack in the passenger door. My door. *shudders*
So, just a giant long moment for y'all to laugh at me about. xP I just hate bugs. And to think my little sister asks, "Why don't you dare hold fireflies? Shan does!" Sorry girl, you should know I don't hold bugs. ;P I sometimes pick up little toads, and that little sis is freaked out of them, so we're even. *laughs*

Finding white paint in your hair while trying on clothes at Goodwill. Yep, I've been painting. 

Your little brother belting out "There is power, in the name of Jesus!" SO CUTE. 

A silhouette one of my little sisters took of me 

When the birthday present you got for your sister includes an ear of corn from Walmart. Ain't I brilliant? xP haha

You and your sister going into the store, all decked out in paint smeared and splattered clothes... not to mention the paint on our hands. Hopefully we don't see anyone we know... ;P


My week-long trip with some friends and lots of strangers to do home maintenance work for people in need! =D I actually left\leave today- this post was scheduled. Pretty excited for this! I will have to tell you all about it when I get back. *winks and smiles* And I'd appreciate your prayers for safe travel, and that I'd stay healthy while there- my little brother is sick, and I'd hate to catch it. ;)

Getting our house done and moving in! Then things will quiet down, and I can experience some relaxing summer. Swimming. Maybe some sun-tanning. Reading. Photography. Drawing. People. *grins*



  1. I LOVED this post! *dies*
    I am looking forward to seeing Josiah in two days for the first time, a little nervous though *winks*
    Them sometime later some of my siblings will be going on a trip, and during that time we will be babysitting are cousins over night and that is always fun!
    Bugs don't really scare me, some do but not lots of them!
    I DO NOT like spiders! *shudders at the thought*

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      Oh yes, that would be exciting! :)
      Haha, yea, I'm NOT a bug person. xP Spiders are scary, but I find other bugs more gross.

  2. Loved this post, Natasha!!
    Jaidyn Elise

  3. OHMYGOODNESS THOSE KEDS!!!!!! I WANT THEM!!! *will have to check my Walmart 'cause I actually have a little money at the moment*
    Oh that hopefully-we-don't-see-anyone-we-know feeling!! *laughs* had that just yesterday. Felicity wanted ice cream, so we "ran" to Fred Meyers (doesn't really count as "running" because the "Big Town" is a half hour away but whatever ;P) No AC in the car means you have to drive with the windows down - which is great, unless you have your hair down. LOL. My hair looked GREAT by the time we got there ;P
    AH BUGS!!! *runs away*
    Felicity's boyfriend comes on Monday. Then it's the Fourth of July!!!! So excited for my favorite holiday!! *dances in my new American Flag shirt*

    1. AREN'T THEY CUTE?? I should almost buy another pair, but I don't really have money right now, and I have late birthday present(s) to buy. I'm that poor. :P
      Haha, yea. ;P You should've seen me at restaurants after working these past days. xP
      I KNOW.
      Fun things! Unfortunately, I didn't get to do anything for the Fourth. :\ I had a fun time on my trip though! :)

  4. I am like the only girl in my family who doesn't have cute shoes like that :D .

    I love the flower picture and your selfie turned out really good. The focus is like perfect <3 . I am looking forward to (and dreading) working super hard for projects for our county fair which happens this August. But I need to do most of it this JULY so...

    And the 4th of July is always something to look forward to. I agree with Daminika on that one. A family at our church always have a party. And that means photography opportunities *winks .

    1. You should get some! ;D
      Aw, thankksss! <3 Oh, well good luck on that! :)
      Yes! Last year I got some great fireworks pictures, but this year I was gone...