Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 2017\\ Currently

Time for July currently! Saturday should've been when I posted this, but I had something else scheduled for that day, and it was too late to get this post ready instead when I realized it was time for a Currently post... so yea...


\\ We've still been working at our house, but hopefully we can start moving in soon... We have all of our flooring in, except for the tile!

The floor is gorgeous. ;P  It's vintage style, so why wouldn't I like it? *winks*

\\ Also, we've gone to Sonics a couple times after working. Then I drove my dad's big Ram truck. I must not be a bad driver, because we all lived. ;P

\\ I've found little adventures along the way, but we haven't been doing much besides working at houses, running errands, and sitting at home on days off.


I'm reading Exiles by Jaye L. Knight to review for the blog tour. :)


Blueberries! We got a few boxes-full from a Mennonite store, and have been eating them all the time. *winks*

Also been eating too much junk food. *cough* That's what happens when your life gets more busy.


 \\ When you keep snapping nails. The ones in that old house we worked on at the missions thing. ;P

\\ When you try to find all the pictures to print out. THIS STRESSES ME OUT SO BAD. It's so HARDDDD. HELP.

\\ When you meet new people. The same old comments. "You're so quiet!" Yep, I know that. I've known that forever. Why is it so crazy?

\\ When your nice pen smells like cologne. *gags* I found it at our new house. ;P

\\ When a semi-truck passes you. *blink blink* Come on, really?

\\ When you start talking to people more normally than since forever. *is happy* 



  1. I always love your "currently" posts. I love getting updated on your life! <3
    *whispers* I went to Sonic once. *winks*
    When I was learning to drive, I had a semi-truck honk at me on the freeway! Now I laugh about it ;P
    Oh goodness, I haven't met knew people in so long! I know how it feels to be known as quiet, though. *winks* I DID see new in NH but didn't actually MEET them ;P Oh wait, I lied. *laughs* Janeya did introduce me and LaKaysha to Tyrel's friend's girlfriend. *laughs* But I wasn't quiet at that moment. I was too busy laughing at the way she started the introduction, "Hey, where's Tyrel, these girls are dying without him. They need him!" So we all burst out laughing and there was no time to be shy *winks* ... *thinks about the way I acted around new ppl in NH* Wow! I've gotten so good! You should come visit me again, maybe I won't be so quiet ;P
    I WANT FRESH BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!!! ... Just so you know. *winks*
    Also, I want an Italian Soda. Random fact. ;P
    How is my life, you ask? Hm.... *thinks* pretty good. I'm still getting used to the idea of not being in NH. I know, I know. It's been FOREVER. But I can't seem to stop being lonely. Today I asked LaKaysha, "How do you fix loneliness? I can't go on being lonely forever." *winks* It doesn't help that all the ppl in "my group" went to Conventions and having gotten home yet, so I have NOBODY to be with. ;P
    BUT! This weekend I'm heading up to my aunt and uncle's for two weeks! *happy dance* I keep forgetting I'm going, and Kirsten keeps forgetting I'm coming. So it shall be a pleasant "surprise" when it actually happens.*winks*

    1. Aw, I'm glad you care to know what's going on in my life! <3
      Oh, did you like it? *winks*
      Yikes! ;P
      Yea. I'm not myself with very many people at all, sadly. That's why it was cool when I started getting comfortable talking with some of the people I went to the missions thing with. It takes me a long time to warm up to people. ;P That's great that you're getting better at being more outgoing! Yes, I'd love to come visit again! :D Don't know when that'll happen though...
      OH, THEY'RE GOOD! I think we ate all of our fresh ones... just have frozen ones now.
      Yea, that's too bad you don't have anyone to hang out with right now. But that's cool that you get to go to your aunt and uncle's soon! I want to go hang out with someone right now... maybe I can convince Shantelle to try do something with one of our friends. ;P I just need my license.