Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spicy's Photo Session... and a few facts about our feline pet

Our cat, Spicy, has been with us nearly a decade. How many outside cats live that long? She's such a good cat. Although I don't appreciate it when she sneaks in the house and I find her sitting in my bed. *shakes head* That is crossing the lines, cat. xP But besides that, she's a good hunter and is very easy-going. Not the typical grumpy cat that randomly scratches you. ;P 

Definitely a pet worth honoring with her own post of pictures, agreed? *winks*

I think the only editing I did was some re-touch, mostly on the cat's face, and making some black and white. I don't think they all have editing though.

Shot this through my ring. :)

I feel like this has a vintage look to it... even though that truck isn't vintage. ;P

See? Easy-going. ;P There has been a little kid doing something to her that would probably make a normal cat mad, and she just sits there. My brother will pick her up and hold her like a baby, and she doesn't seem to mind. *winks and laughs* Sometimes her and our dog will be sitting near each other, getting along just fine. We've had them both for almost the same amount of time. But our dog likes to tease, so they definitely fight too. Just like siblings. xP 



  1. Awwwww, she's so cute!! My favorite is the black and white one of her under the truck, but they're all very good!

    ~Skylar Reese

  2. She's so cute!! I love cats that are so easy-going! I have a new kitten! Liberty's cat had her kittens and I'm keeping one. Her name is Eponine. A lot of ppl don't know how to say it, because it's French. ;P It's the name of one of my favorite characters from Les Mis. Tyrel named her *winks and laughs*

    1. Yea, she's a really nice cat. :) Oh, that must be fun! :D I like the name, even though I don't know how to say it. ;P

  3. She is so cute!
    She looks just like my cat Duchess!
    I LOVE the one that looks vintage!

    1. Yep, she's still cute in her "old" age. ;)
      I'm glad you do!