Thursday, June 4, 2015

Season's Sensation: Watermelon Slushies :)

   Yay! Summer is finally about here. :D Sun starts burning hot... and school comes to and end! Swimming and free time... Reading, taking pictures and drawing the days away. Sounds great. ;D
   Okay, so this blog kind of needs some organizing. Some of my posts tend to be a little bland, so I'm gona start doing posts every once in a while called "Season's Sensation", featuring a seasonal ideas, food, crafts... I don't know, whatever I think of. Something planned will do my blog some good. :)
And I'll call my photography dedicated posts, "Photo Gallery" posts, or something. Okay, now I've got some organization. So that's that. :)
  So first I have this "summer sensational", delicious and refreshing treat to share here. :) Its perfect for the hot summer, so consider freezing some well ripened watermelon to make some of this with. Especially one that is over-ripe, and doesn't taste "the best" fresh.
And watermelon + lemon + cold = especially refreshing. ;D 

 So, here is how you can make this Watermelon Slushy:

Fill blender with frozen watermelon chunks.

Add lemon juice to taste, 1 T sugar, and a pinch of salt.

Blend well. Melts fast, so eat it quickly. :)


 (Servings are about 4 or so, depending on your blender size, and how big a serving you want.)


       Okay, so here are some pretty recent pictures...

    Okay, there we have my first June post! :) Hopefully I'll get some more good Season's Sensation ideas.

Happy June, everyone! :) :)


  1. Love the road picture, Natasha:) It makes life feel calm and warm and a place to sit and think for awhile. And the bird on the mailbox.. you captured that very well. Good work:) Marla

  2. Ooh I want to make them!!
    I LOVE the bird on the mail box picture!
    All your pictures are great!

    1. You should!
      Glad you like it! Thank you! :)