Monday, October 10, 2016

Photo Gallery: Autumn Pictures

    I did a new photo shoot today! :) I'm pleased with how it turned out. To view them click here: Autumn Pictures

    I am now posting most of my photography over at my photography site, Natasha Ann Photography, but I'll always put the link on this blog, don't worry! :) And if you want to comment on them, you can comment on either blog.

   It was a pretty nice day today- there are leaves changing colors, some that have already fallen. The majority of the leaves on our trees are still green though. How's fall for you all? I think somewhere in Canada already got some snow! That's crazy. 

   By the way, if you use picmonkey anytime soon, make your browser really small or you might see a gross picture, thanks to Halloween. :P That's what I did. 

  I hope you enjoy the photo shoot! :D


  1. Aww, Natasha! Those pictures are beautiful!! =D I LOVE THEM!!

    It's been cold and sunny these last few days here. Our little heater broke, so me and my sisters have been pretty cold in our garage bedroom at night -- especially last night. But we put extra blankets on this morning so we should be good for tonight. ;P
    Rain is probably coming again soon -- surprisingly I haven't hated these sunny days. Yesterday felt a lot like Christmas. But I am trying to wait for Thanksgiving before listening to Christmas music. LaKaysha and her Pandora are no help, though ;P

    Thanks for the tip about picmonkey. ;)

    1. Oh, and I have to add that I LOVE your new profile picture!! <3

    2. Thank you! :D

      It hasn't been too cold here... it sounds like you guys are well into fall though. ;)
      You all must be excited for Christmas! ;) It doesn't at all feel like Christmas is nearing for me.

      You're welcome! :D

      Thank you! I did a little vintage photo shoot the other day. :)