Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Garage- Saling...!

     Guys, I got some seriously great things today! =D 

     So me and my mom went garage- saling at an army base today with some friends. We got up around six in the morning, which for me, happens rarely. :P It was SOO worth it! I absolutely LOVE garage- saling! It's probably because I love spending money. =D And it's cheap. 

    So at first there wasn't much, but then a ton popped up and we went to sale after sale- there were so many good ones!

    Here are the things I got. =D =D

                            Necklace- 50 cents was it?

Three retro- looking necklaces for 25 cents each! :)

  The Samantha American Girl movie, 50 cents. (And it was still in the plastic. :) )

Little album set. Isn't it cute? :)

   Bigger album. I have a home for all my pictures now. :) ... just got to order them. :P I don't even have very many printed up.

    I also got some clothes. That's always nice. :)

    But last, (and BEST!), I got...

A record player!!! *dies* 

     Isn't it just absolutely beautiful? =D AHHH! My mom bought it for me, for my "yearly gift" (something she decided to do instead of Christmas gifts. [we do stockings, though. ;)] ). 

   And guess how much it was? TEN DOLLARS! Cheap, guys! Go to these military base garage sales! =D

    I got to have the record in it too. It's... *goes to look* John Denver. Not that I know of him. :P Some people we know said he was probably fine (his songs) though. And they sound fine to me. :)

   Now I need to go buy some more records at Goodwill! :D Can anyone tell me who's good to listen to? I hardly know any old singers. :P 

  This thing is SOOOO cool though! Love it! <3 =D

  Okay, back to my not-flailing self. ;) Since I'm doing a post, I'll show you one last birthday present, which arrived yesterday.

    Isn't it wonderful? :D It's two adult coloring books, watercolor pencil kit, mini doughnut pan, and a cross stitch kit, I believe. I've never done cross stitch, so here's my chance! :) Oh, I also got DELECTABLE salted caramel dark chocolate, which is gone already. Oops. :P But then, that's nothing new for me. lol.

  What did I do the rest of the day? WELL, my mom left to go drop off a couple siblings for a sleepover, and pick up a bunch of my younger girl cousins for a sleepover here. :) So I had some time to myself, to go on the computer, clean the bathrooms (fun, right? :P), and eat ice cream. ;)

  Then I did not-that-interesting stuff. ;)

  Hope you enjoyed! 



  1. Oh my goodness, Natasha!! You almost killed me!! A record player!? Did you tell your mom you loved her!? Ten dollars!? Of course she had to buy it for you! How could you pass that up!? Mine was $80! Which I had to pay for myself, of course. I'd never expect my parents to pay that much for something. =D Yours looks a lot like my grandpa's -- only his is also a CD and tape player... and it may be a radio too. I can't remember. ;P
    Now I can help you find good records!! This is going to so fun!! =P I basically only listen to old singers, so I know a lot.
    John Denver is good... if I'm in the mood for him ;P (I grew up listening to his Christmas CD - so I have a soft spot for him) He's Marita's favorite singer - which we like to tease her about because he looks a lot like a hippy. ha, ha! ;P
    Personally I'm not much for 70s country (which is what John Denver is) unless it's Glen Campbell.
    I like 80s and 90s if it's gonna be country.
    Ricky Nelson is good! =D I love my Wayne Newton gospel album... musical soundtracks are what I mostly own. But I really want some 50s-60s Rock/Pop records! (which is what Ricky Nelson is) Like Paul Petersen, Eddie Hodges, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, and Frankie Avalon...
    Then there are crooners... like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como.
    You could go look on my blog for ideas of what is good... Jim Reeves is good, and Charley Pride, or Loretta Lynn...Okay -- I need to stop or I'll annoy you with my excitement. ;P And my brain is getting fried from trying to come up with singers you'd like. ;P

    Ooh! and those retro necklaces are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! =D

    I loved this post!!

    (Sorry about the long comment :) )

    1. It's it awesome?! I thought you'd think it was cool! ;D I know, it was sooo cheap!! Especially if you had to pay $80 for yours, wow! It's crazy what amazing things you'll find at garage sales! =D

      YEEESS! =D This shall be fun indeed! The John Denver I have has been nice. It has "Sweet Surrender" and other songs on it... I'll have to look him up and see what he looks like. :P lol.

      Alrighty, I'll have to write all those down for whenever I go looking for records at Goodwill! :D
      Don't worry, I'm glad you're excited about it! =D =D

      YES! I bought one like them that was light green once, but it broke almost right away. :\ Maybe I can fix it sometime, because that green color is so pretty!

      I'M GLAD YOU DID! =D

      (I quite enjoyed your long comment! ;D)

    2. By the way, Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride are 70s country -- I suggested them because I know my sisters like them ;)

  2. YOU FOUND A RECORD PLAYER AT A GARAGE SALE FOR $10. Whaaat?! That is soooo cool!!! And eep, that little set of photo albums is SO CUTE! I would have to say my favorite thing you got was the record player. Seriously, that is the NEATEST THING EVER!

      And yes, I'm happy to have more albums- those one's were especially nice. :)
      My favorite too! ;D I love it!

  3. Oooooh!!! A record player? That is sooo cool:) I've always wished I had one. ~Moriah

    1. I know, I'm going to have so much fun with it! =D That was a crazy good deal too!

  4. Ooo, how fun! Those necklaces and that record player are absolutely darling! :)

  5. Ah American Girl movie!!! Do they ever get old??? We have a 1950's record player :) :)

    I'd so like you to check out my blog Mic's Room ( Give me a ring to let me know you stopped by :D.

    1. Yea, they're fun. :) Oh cool! Record players are AWESOME! ;D

      Sure, I will! =D

  6. That is so awesome about the record player! Daminika left out Andy Williams and Ed Ames for crooners ;) The Ames Brothers are nice, too. I have so many singers I listen to, I couldn't even begin to name them all. ;)
    If you are a fan of WWII, Vera Lynn is a singer you might want to look out for. :)
    I think your record player is gorgeous, by the way!
    Reminds me of my Grandpa's. :)

    1. I SAID my brain was fried ;P
      Besides, I don't listen to crooners, so I don't know them like you do ;)

    2. I know! :D OK, thanks for the recommendations! It'll be fun whenever I can go look for more records. :)
      Thank you! I love it. =D