Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On the Second Day of Christmas

    I'm going to talk about Christmas songs today! :)

    My favorite kind of Christmas songs are the "traditional" ones, like The First Noel, Silent Night, Angels We have Heard on High, and all those. The newer ones... no. They just don't have the feeling, and it has to have the Christmas feeling! ;P 
I don't know if Mary did You Know is new or old... but I really like that one!
   I do like some of the Christmas songs that aren't hymns, too, because they have that feeling. ;) Songs like Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Winter Wonderland, and White Christmas

   And I prefer the Christmas hymns to be sung more... country-style. ;) It's the most Christmas-y than like, pop or some other music type (I'm not very smart with knowing what type of music is what... :P) So yes, country.

    Here are some Christmas songs I like, sung how I like. ;)

Sorry, but Scotty McCreey just sings these perfect. ;)

I like how Alan Jackson sings Christmas songs, too. :)

    The link I put this to is from the movie Holiday Inn, which I watched for the first time this Christmas season- and really liked! =D

    There's a few! :)  



  1. Oooh! You watched "Holiday Inn"!! I'm glad you liked it. Every time I tell someone to watch a movie I get scared that they might hate it. Any time I recommend ANYTHING I get scared! I told Kirsten what to get at the coffee shop, then freaked out that she would hate it! But she said she loved it, and she gets that way too. ;P
    Mostly I like Country styled Christmas, but I also like Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, and Josh Groban (I've never been able to figure out what kind of singers they are ;P)
    And I like Crooners, too. Like Bing Crosby (who is in "Holiday Inn"), Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Elvis Presley. John Lennon sings "Happy Christmas" and I LOVE it! nNot sure if he is a crooner or not - I don't know much about British singers ;)
    Hmm... some favorite Christmas songs? I love the ones that play on a curtain radio station... "Happy Christmas" and "Simply having a Wonderful Christmas Time". I also love "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (by Judy Garland - from "Meet Me in St. Louis"), "Sleigh Ride", "Silent Night", "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day", "The First Noel", "The Christmas Song", "Jingle Bells", "Little Drummer Boy"... I like A LOT!
    I love my uncle, Casey singing Christmas songs. That CD just has the FEELING! Every time we play it, someone walks in the room and says, "Now THAT feels like Christmas." :)
    I can't listen to any of these but the only one I haven't heard is Scotty McCreey singing "The First Noel" - but I HAVE heard him sing "Mary Did you Know". =D
    Even though I can't listen to them, I enjoyed this post! <3

    1. Yes, I really liked it! Old movies are really fun. :D Yea, I can identify with that. ;)
      Yea, I enjoy Celtic Thunder and Celtic Woman too. :) Hm, yea, I wonder what kind of singers they are? People who sing with orchestra music? ;P
      I like Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas"... unless it's just because it's in that movie. But it really is nice. :)
      Yea, it's hard to know what your FAVORITE Christmas song! Some of the ones I listen may not even be one of my favorites. I do really like the first three though. ;)
      Yea! There's this certain feeling that's for Christmas. ;) It's probably just what everyone grew up with, though. ;)
      Oh yea, I forgot that youtube is blocked on your computer. Maybe I should've found somewhere else you can listen to them... if there is anywhere else?
      Yea, I love Scotty McCreey singing those! :D

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D

    2. I don't know if there is any other place you could've used...
      I really don't mind. If I really want to see (or hear) things that people share on youtube, I just go on my sister's phone. (which is what I did last night, so I did see all these, now ;P)

  2. I'm not sure how old they are, but I adore Carol of the Bells, O Come Emmanuel, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!!

    I agree that the newer songs don't have the feeling the older ones do. :)


    1. I don't know that first one, but I like the second two! :) I think those are both hymns... that have the "feeling". ;)

      Yea, I like the older ones best, in general. :)

  3. YES YES WHITE CHRISTMAS FROM HOLIDAY INN! I love that movie so much!! ^_^
    I tend to like older songs, too! Hymns, and a lot of the popular music from the 40s. ;) "
    "I'll be Home for Christmas", "White Christmas", and "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" are all so good!!

    1. Yea, I really enjoyed that movie! =D I'd like to find some more older movies like that. :)
      It's weird, because I like a lot of regular new music, but when it comes to Christmas, I like the older songs. ;P Maybe it's just because of nostalgia, because that's what I grew up listening to on Christmas. Nevertheless, that's what I like. ;D
      I like all of those!