Sunday, December 18, 2016

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

    I am halfway through this blog series! :) And I think I may know the 12 Days of Christmas by heart when I'm done. ;P

   Anyhow, today I'm going to do The Merry and Bright Tag, which I was tagged with by Daminika. =)

Favorite Movies to Watch at Christmas Time:

Hmm, I don't think watching Christmas movies is actually something we always do, but I'll say: 

Holiday Inn

It's a Wonderful Life

 Those are some of the only actual Christmas movies I've watched.. there are more, but these are the best. :D I want to find more, and there are some I know of that I want to watch soonish...

Some Christmas Songs that Make You Want to Sing:

I don't really know, so I'll just say these: 

Mary Did you Know

The First Noel

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

White Christmas

Silver Bells

Some of these I don't even sing very much, but I like them are they're fun to sing. ;)

Some Books I Love in the Winter:

Wellll... I don't think I have any. I don't usually read books over. :P Sometimes I do, if I really love the book. Like right now I'm reading my sister book over, but some things are different because it's not published yet, and she kind of rewrote some of it since I last read\heard it. :)  

Some Christmas Goodies that Make Me Smile:

Pistachio Thumbprints

Pretzel Hugs

Fudge (if I had some *sniff*)

Peppermint Mocha Frappiccino (had it once =D)

Cinnamon Rolls

Some Christmas-y Words that Make Me Happy:





family and friends

horse and sleigh

Some Things about Christmas that are Awesome:

first of all, JESUS WAS BORN! :)

Being with family and friends

exchanging gifts

all the delicious Christmas time treats

cold outside and cozy inside

the magical feeling of Christmas lights

smells of a Christmas tree


Favorite Christmas Memories:

   When I was 9 we celebrated Christmas but it wasn't on the actual day (don't remember why? Maybe we had been on vacation). Anyhow, we were living in a rental by a lake in MN, so we went down on the frozen lake that night and had a fire. We roasted hot dogs, and me and my sister slid around on the ice. :) I had had the flu that day, but was feeling good by then, and I had fun. ;) 

   Last year when we got our tree. We were at a house my dad had built, cleaning or something. I went in the giant dumpster with some of my siblings and found some boards and things I thought I could use. ;D My junk "treasures". But it really isn't junk. I used one of those boards. ;P But anyhow, that day was just a really good memory for me, somehow. My siblings found a tree there and cut it down. When we left (it was dark), it was in the back of my dad's truck. While we were driving down the road, it flew out of the back! Luckily, it was OK. And we got our wild Christmas tree. ;)

   I always have  fun getting my family presents! Most of the time I don't have very much money, so I have to make things and use my meager bit of money to buy little things. Carefully. Otherwise I'll spend too much on one thing and not have money to buy someone else something. ;P

  I remember when I was really little, getting up to open stockings when it was still dark. :) 

  When I was little I remember I LOVED seeing the houses all decorated for Christmas. I just thought it was so cool. ;)

Some Random Things that Make This Christmas Amazing: 

  Going to see the lights the other day :)

  All the Christmas treats we have in the freezer. 

  We got a sprinkling of snow last night! And freezing rain. And it there was lightning and tornado warnings last night too. :) Um... I guess tornados aren't nice. :P But I do like storms. It makes life more interesting...

  Oh, and yesterday wasn't cold at all, so I went outside with flip-flops and not jacket. This was the DAY before storms. It was really windy. I went out with my siblings and climbed a tree (haven't done that in a while...) and went out in the field to some sinkholes and interesting things out there. :) This happened in Christmas season, so it counts for me to write it here. ;P (By the way, it's REALLY cold now, the next day. *rolls eyes at the weather*)

  Also, the things to come on Christmas Eve and Christmas! :) 

OK, I tag... anybody who wants to do it, like always. ;)

And here are the Guidelines, copied from Daminika's blog: 

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Make up more categories if you'd like
Tag as many people as your heart desires! 

Hope you enjoyed the sixth day of Christmas! =)


  1. Ooh, yeah! We had tornado watches till 9 last night. But we only got winds and rain- and a big frost with icicles. ;D I feel ya with the weather- it was like oddly warm yesterday and 20 something today. 0-0
    I love your Christmas words, and the songs. =D I made a list of my favorite songs today too, on my blog. It was pretty fun- and I went crazy, lol. Oh! I like gift shopping, but yeah, homemade gifts are so great!!
    Sweet post, Natasha! Also, I am doing a Q&A vlog for my blog's 3rd annivarsary, during the Christmas season... If you're interested, you can send in questions! :)
    Merry Christmas Natasha!! :D
    -Angela |

    1. Yea, the weather's been crazy! Warm, then freezing, and tornados in winter... that doesn't seem like something that happens often. ;P
      :D I have fun getting gifts together. And it's great when I can MAKE something that I think they'll like. :)
      Thanks! Oh yea, I'll have to check that out! :)

      Merry Christmas back to you! ^___^

  2. Oh I loved reading this! I'm so glad you did it! <3
    It's been sooo cold here! We have snow right now, but it's raining so it'll probably melt soon. But I was shocked to see it. We went to bed with NO snow and woke up with like 6 inches!!!! So we're once again "snowed in" - but this time WE have snow. ;P
    Thankfully my dad works from home now, so he doesn't have to drive in this stuff. But it's crazy how it waited to come today - if it came yesterday or Saturday all our plans for the Warnke Christmas would've been ruined!
    Christmas is almost here! I'm so excited! and the best part is we still get to do all our traditions - besides getting gifts from our parents. BUT WE GET TO EAT HAM!!!!
    We thought that we had to eat the free turkey we were given at Thanksgiving time - and I tried not to complain - I mean it could've been worse! But now we got a gift card from my Grandpa and Sue and we can buy the ham!! I'm so excited! <3


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! :D
      It's been really cold here too! I think it's going to warm up again, though. :P Ooh, that's cool that you got snow! :) We got a skimming the other day. ;) I'd be scared to drive in snow! Good thing we don't live in Minnesota anymore, otherwise I'd probably never get all my driving hours! :P
      I KNOW! Like, four days! =D It came so fast. I still have to get some things for Christmas gifts- but I only have to worry about my parents right now, since we're waiting to exchange gifts among us siblings until January. Oh, that's cool that you guys get to have ham after all! :) I don't even know what we usually have for Christmas dinner- I don't think we have a tradition for it. I think it'd be cool if we had more Christmas traditions. We have had cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast many times. :)