Thursday, December 15, 2016

On the Third Day of Christmas


    One thing that I think make Christmas feel Christmas-y is snow. Well, doesn't anyone? When I lived in Minnesota we always had a white Christmas (but snow was an every-day thing anyhow), but I haven't since. In fact, it might rain on Christmas here. :P 
  Snow would be WAY TOO COOL (like, it'd be awesome if it looked like that picture up there), but it sure doesn't look like that'll happen where I'm at. So let's look at snow pictures! :)

   These two pictures are from my former house in MN. You may have seen the one below on my blog before, 'cause it's been on here. :)

     Now some pixabay pictures to make mine look blah. :P But I really don't have very many snow pictures. I got into photography in 2013, then we moved from MN in 2014. And it doesn't snow much here, as I've said.

image from

   Click HERE to look at some winter wonderland pictures from a blog I follow, and HERE to view my icy-snow pictures from last year. :)

  This isn't a very interesting post... so I quickly found something on pinterest that's snow-related to share on here.

  To those of you who are SO sad that you probably won't have a white Christmas you can make you own! 8D Haha.  Actually, you can make a little bit of fake snow for your little siblings to play with, and make a mini snowman. ;) Just click here. Now, I haven't made this, so I can't say for sure it'll actually work... but it probably will. ;) *whispers* It actually looks a little fun... =D 



  1. I enjoyed this post!
    I have had a total of ONE white Christmas in my life. ;D (that was also my MOMS first white Christmas - and she's lived here all her life ;P)
    I like snow, and I agree that it does make it feel more Christmas-y, but I also love rain so it all works out. ;D
    Snow is so pretty, I just love to look at it! <3 And walking in it... ;D

    1. :D
      I guess in MN was probably my first white Christmas... that I know of. :) But there, a white Christmas isn't a big deal. ;P
      Yea, I hope the rain (if it does rain) will make it feel cozy and Christmas-y enough. But rain seems for like fall, not winter.
      It is! But in MN we always were so excited when the snow finally melted! ;D Now I want it.

  2. I've never experienced a white Christmas! But thanks to PicMonkey's winter themes, I can pretend I have. XD


    1. Oh really? Well, at least you can pretend! ;D