Saturday, December 3, 2016

Photo Gallery: Practicing with Two Children

   Hey! I did a new post on my photography site, featuring a photo shoot of two kids... which is definitely harder than one. ;P But I got some pretty cute ones, I think. Cause kids do cute things, no matter if they move and goof off a little too much. :)

  View the post HERE. Hope you enjoy. :)

  We've made some Christmas cookies! :) We made sugar cookie cutouts and gingersnaps... or was it molasses crinkles? They're pretty much the same thing anyway. ;)

  Hope you're Christmas season is going great! :) I want to do some sort of Christmas post sometime. I am going to do a Christmas recipe post as a guest on my sister's blog, too.


  1. Those pictures are so cute!! You're brother reminds me of my cousin, Olympas- I just now realized WHO he reminded me of. ;P
    I tried making some "Perfect Peppermint Patties"... yeah, they are NOT perfect. ;P My mom said that could be why she hasn't made them in fifteen years... haha! But we have been doing a lot of Christmas baking.
    We might be going to the Christmas Tree Lighting in... the little town with the little library. (I don't want to say the name on here) I've never been so that should be cool... and cold. It may snow later today and tomorrow. =D I'm not sure who all is going, probably just my family and Marissa and Marita.
    That'll be great to see your guest post!

    1. Thanks! Kids do the cutest things. :)
      I've never tried making those. Christmas baking is a lot of fun! We bought some things to dip the gingersnaps we made in white chocolate (or something) and candy cane pieces. :) I want to make pistachio thumbprints too... yumm. :D
      Ooh, that sounds cool! It might snow? Lucky you. ;) Though some of my siblings would probably think I was weird to want snow.
      I did a little Christmas shopping today... a little. :)
      Yep! :)

    2. We didn't make it to the Christmas Tree Lighting. We went there and the tree was already lit, and we realized that it ENDED at six - not STARTED. Oops. But it was okay. This way we had the tree to ourselves. (besides the few people who probably made the same mistake as us) It was cold, and I loved it. I've never actually walked under the tree! It was so bright, and when you stood under it and looked up it looked like colorful stars were above you. I'm gonna try to post at least one picture of it on my blog some time. (I don't have a camera OR a phone, so I'll have to use someone else's pictures).
      It snowed! Maybe we'll wake up to a white world tomorrow. (so glad my dad bought a bigger heater for our room) I love rain, but snow is so rare around here that when it does happen it's time to run in it barefoot. ;P
      This was meant to be a "real quick" reply, but it got kinda long... oh well. ;D Hope you don't mind.

    3. That's too bad. :\ But that's good that you still had a nice time. :) Sounds like a cool tree, too!
      It would be so fun if it would snow here, and we could have a white Christmas. :D But I'm pretty sure that won't happen, not here. :P It usually snows maybe once or twice a year...

      Of course I don't mind. ;) :)