Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

  Yes, I'm still alive. :P I forgot about doing this post yesterday until later... then my brother was playing a game on the computer so I had to use our laptop, which some things weren't really working on... and then we started watching a family movie... and then during our movie ALL the power suddenly went out. We were plunged into pitch- blackness. So we went around with candles and flashlights. The lights finally came back on when I was reading in bed. :P So you see, I have a good excuse.

  OK, on to the post! I'm going to share some pictures I've taken lately, of the ice, skimming of snow and last night... recent, before-Christmas days. ;)

I've kind of stole my sister's boots... ;P
   This was this past Sunday. We decided not to go to church because we were already late, and there was ice all over our vehicle- the doors were frozen shut at first. :P

    My siblings and some cousins were over the other day, and one of them caught this falcon- I think it's an American kestrel. :) They're really cute, the smallest falcons in North America. 

    This is last night- my sister reading by candlelight. :) 

   And the outside light on the telephone pole was even out! So you could see the stars really well. :D I had to go out and take pictures... it didn't last to long, because it was SO COLD. Thus I didn't get any very great pictures. 
  The picture below is the same one after I edited it. That red line is obviously from an airplane or something. ;)



  1. Oh that falcon is so cute!!! *dies*
    The power went out? That can be fun... but when you're in a middle of a movie? haha!
    I DID wonder what happened to you. ;P
    Nothing too cool has happened around here... just life. ;P
    Your sister's boots are so cute!!! <3

    1. I know! <3 ;)
      Yea, it can be! My dad even heated water for his coffee over the wood stove. :D But yea, it did ruin our movie night. ;P We finished the movie tonight though.
      Haha, yea, I thought people might wonder. ;P
      It's pretty much ALWAYS just life here. ;) But I guess the lights out changed it up a bit.
      Yea, I "took possession" of two pairs that she left here, and they're both kind of like what I've been wanting. ;D But she might take them back when she comes out here... ;P

  2. Cute boots! ;D I don't know if I'll take those black ones ... now that I have a new pair! Sure I won't. :)

    That falcon is so cute! So cool you guys caught it!!

    1. Yea! ;D Oh, yay! 'Cause I like those boots. ;) I just got a pair of short cowboy-style boots yesterday- adding to my boot collection! ;)

      I know! Yea, it was fun to see! :)