Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An Interview with My Siblings


Hello lovely readers out there! I have a different sort of post today. *grins at my accomplishment* I interviewed five of my siblings with random questions, and you get to read their answers! 
    My ten-year-old sister T's answers will be in blue, and my five-year-old sister K's will be in red. My 12-year-old brother C's answers are in the color green,  my 14-year-old sister S's will be in yellow, and my sister Shantelle's (you all probably know we're sisters already, so... ;P) will be in pinkMy words, and the interview questions, of course, will be white (and these are not all their exact words).

  Okay, let us get started!

QUESTION #1: What is one of your favorite things to do?

T: Playing outside and riding horses when I can.

K: Umm, go down to my fort and pretend I'm riding a pig. 

S: Hang out with my friends.

C: Going to my aunt and uncle's house.

Sh: One of my favorite things to do is blogging.

QUESTION #2: What is your favorite animal and why?

T: My favorite animal is a horse because they are beautiful and amazing.

K: My favorite animal is a pig because they are so cute.

S: Tigers because they're one of the most powerful animals in the world and they're awesome.

C: A dog. Why? I don't know.

Sh: My favorite animal is a horse because they're fun to ride.

QUESTION # 3: If you were forced to eat only 2 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

T: Fried chicken and strawberry rhubarb pie. 

K: A whole cake and a hamburger.

S: Sweet tarts and hamburgers.

C: Hamburgers and spaghetti.

Sh: Um, sweet potatoes and... only two?! Salmon.

QUESTION #4: If you lived anywhere besides America, where would it be?

T: Switzerland because there's cool castles and stuff.

K: Florida (we changed it to states for her)

S: Finland

C: I'd live in Australia (after I argue with him about him NOT wanting to live in Syria. ;P)

Sh: I would live in... *contemplates* Probably Ireland because it has old castles and no snakes.

QUESTION #5: What is your favorite book?

T: Silver Rose

K: I'll say Bambi.

S: What kind of question is that?! I'll just say Deliver by Tricia Mingerink 

C: Pillbok. That is not a book! The Homelanders series.

Sh: Uhh! *laughs* Impossible question! One is Starflower by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Courting Marrow Little by Laura Frantz, and Waking Rose by

QUESTION #6: Favorite movie?

T: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and How to Train Your Dragon. (she added that last one later) 

K: Frozen

S: How am I supposed to answer that?! 23 Blast, King's Faith, Hardflip, The Hobbit... 

C: Walker Texas Ranger (a TV show)

Sh: One of my favorite movies is... *thinks* The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Love's Enduring Promise, Pride and Prejudice (2008), and... Belle, and The Magic of Ordinary Days. (That's five. tsk, tsk)

QUESTION #7:Would you rather swim in the middle of the ocean with only an inner tube, or sky-dive with only a big tarp to catch air with?

T: Probably sky-diving with a tarp.

K: Airplane with tarp.

S: Skydive

C: Uh, I'd go out in the ocean 'cause you'd actually survive.

Sh: Both are terrifying. I might choose the ocean with an inner tube.

QUESTION #8: What do you want to do for a job one day?

T: Horse-back-riding teacher

K: How 'bout... um... I wanted to be a ninja. (she changed it to gymnast, which is probably what she meant all along. *winks*)

S: Taxidermist
C: Plumbing

Sh: Accomplished author

QUESTION #9: Do you like photo shoots? (*winks*)

T: AH, no.

K: Sometimes

S: No!

C: Hatred (that means no *rolls eyes*)

Sh: Yes. (finally! *aplauds*)

QUESTION #10: What's the worst chore ever?

T: The worst one would be probably loading. (dishes)

K: Floors. I hate floors. (cleaning them up)

S: Probably cleaning the kitchen.

C: Dishes

Sh: Weeding the garden

QUESTION #11: What is one thing you want to own one day?

T: A horse!

K: A pig.

S: A pistol.

C: A gun

Sh: More books. 

QUESTION #12: If you could travel back in time to one famous event, what would it be?

T: When Jesus made the blind man see.

K: When Jesus was on earth.

S: Noah's ark when the flood was.

C: The Revolutionary War

Sh: I would travel back to... the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

QUESTION #13: What's the most fun thing you've ever done?

T: Going to the West Coast (last summer *winks*)

K: Playing with my best friend last summer.

S: Hanging out with my friends.

C: Spying on a wedding. (*chokes on laughter and rolls eyes*)

Sh: Going camping with friends.

   Well, that concludes my random-questioned interview of my siblings! Perhaps I'll have my siblings interview ME now. *grins*

  This was a pretty fun post to create, so I hope you enjoyed! 



  1. Lol! I loved this!
    I think I will answer these questions just for fun. XD
    1. Um.... Right now, I'll say hang out with Tyrel. My cousin is the bomb.
    2. Probably a cat. Why? Idk. Cause my cat was so cute and sweet and I'm still sad that he went missing.
    3. Mashed potatoes and gravy. ;P
    4. Um. Probably Ireland, because it's wet like we're I live. *laughs* or Prince Edward island, because it's so beautiful!
    5. Hmm... My favorite book? Besides The Daybreakers and The Lonesome God's? Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin.
    6. What kind of question is that!!?? Nobody can pick a favorite movie off the top of their head! *Laughs* um. I'll say Love Me Tender just because of all I've watched recently that was my favorite. (And Elvis was my favorite character;P)
    7. Swim in the ocean.
    8. I don't want a job ever, I just want to get married and be a wife and mom. But since I need a job till then, I'd want to be a Nanny for someone connected to the church in some way, or work in a quiet little coffee shop.
    9. It depends on who's taking my pictures *laughs* but I do like to see some nice professional looking pictures of myself
    10. Stacking wood.
    11. Um... A cute car
    12. Goodness, that's hard. Ok.... Probably The Revolutionary War.
    13. Ever? Idk. Most recently I went to Boston and ran around with cousins and sisters. That was the best! And last Tyrel taught me how to drive a stick! *flexes* and he was proud of me.

    That was fun! I hope you enjoyed my answers. XD

    1. P.S. Could you go check my blog? I had a post go up on the 17th but it must not've gone up on peoples news feed, cause nobody has commented! *laughs*

    2. I'm glad you liked it! ;D And I'm glad you answered the questions!
      Ah, Ireland would be fun to visit. :) So pretty.
      I know, asking for one favorite book and movie is a kinda impossible question, LOL. ;P
      Being a wife and mother is the best job. ;)
      Oh, so you did learn to drive a stick shift! *high-fives* =D

      OK, I'll check your blog. ;)

    3. Yes! I learned! And let me tell ya - it was SO FUN!!! maybe anything is fun when you're doing it with Tyrel, or maybe driving a stick in general really is fun - idk. *laughs*

  2. Awesome interview! It's cool to read other peoples thoughts on things.

  3. This is a clever idea :) Great post!


  4. This was a lot of fun to read, Natasha! =)

  5. LOVED! So fun to read! I'll answer because it sounds fun!
    1. Playing out side or riding horses when I can
    2. Horses, because they are AMAZING and beautiful
    3. Pasty and pizza
    4. Ireland
    5. Circle C Beginnings series
    6. Boy that is hard... um... I'll say "Wild Hearts can't be Broken"
    7. Swim in the ocean with a inner tube
    8. I want to get married and be a mom but I'll say Babysitter
    9. Yes!
    10. Stacking wood
    11. A HORSE!
    12. Uh there is to many, Jesus was on earth
    13. Go riding!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
      Ooh, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken is a great movie. ;)
      Ah, you like photo shoots! Most of my siblings don't, as you saw, haha.

      It was fun to read your answers!

    2. Hahah! Yeah it was fun to read your siblings answers too!

  6. This is a wonderful post, and so fun to read!! I might have to copy your sibling interview idea. ☺