Sunday, May 7, 2017

Garage Sale Haul

Yesterday morning found my mom, sister and I up at 5 something in the morning to garage sale with some friends of ours. That was early, but more so by the fact that I'd only gotten five or six hours of sleep. ;P

So maybe I shouldn't exactly call this a haul, as I probably didn't buy as much as last time. Remember? In October me and my mom went garage-saling on the military base, and I got my record player for $10? Yesterday we went to what must be the spring base garage sales. *grins* And yes, I got another good deal. The photographers here may be interested. *winks*  

OK, so the things I found...

This little Eiffel Tower key chain! OBVIOUSLY I had to get it. *winks* It was probably like... 25 or 50 cents. Can't you imagine it hanging from the keys of my future little mazda car or my teal 70's pickup? ;D Okay, okay, just dreams. ;P

Yes, spray paint. ;P Just 25 cents too.

I'm collecting the Mandie series, so I picked this up for 25 cents. It was actually at a church garage sale and not the base one.

Here are the clothes I got! A pretty red tank-top- which I'm happy about, 'cause I want more red shirts. ;) A darker reddish shirt, a skirt (to wear with leggings, don't worry ;P), and some high-waisted skinny jeans! The jeans still had tags on them, and they were $2! I'm excited about those. *winks* My mom actually paid for a dollar of them, which is always nice. ;) She bought some other clothes that I might use too, so yea.

The greatest deal of the day, though, was this totally awesome tri-pod! *photographer squeals* My mom's is broken so I haven't been able to use a tri-pod for awhile. And this one was $5

Just look at it! It looks like such a nice one. *grins*

The top can extend up so high, which is really nice!

And it has little leveler things on it. ;D

And I think the feet are pretty gripping.

So yea, that's an exciting buy! Camera gear! I tried it out today to photograph my church outfit. I love it! Now I don't have to have my little sister come take the pictures for me. ;)

It was a really fun time. I always love spending money, especially if the things are cheap! 

Me and my sister went to a friend's house today, and just hung out there for quite a while. Just talking. It was pretty fun! I love having people to hang out with. :)

I'm excited for summer, with all the hanging out and fun things to come!! Yesterday was pretty cold, but today was nice. 

There was a pretty clear sunset last yesterday though. :)

And I pruned our bushes the other day. I just went outside and saw the bush, and decided I wanted to prune. It must be my artistic nature, but I've done it before and it's actually kinda fun. ;D The first, nearest bush turned out nice. The farther one was harder because it was much taller... and just more difficult. ;P My little sister went and finished it for me- clipped the far-back branches that were sticking up. ;P Some of the others might've slightly helped me too. A little bit. 

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this post! Compared with how I usually am, I've kinda been neglecting this blog. Maybe it's good I'm laying back a bit. ;)



  1. Garage-Saling is such fun! I haven't gone in YEARS. My mom and aunt, Mindy, used to go almost every Friday during the spring. We'd get such cool stuff.
    Oh, I want to get all The Mandie Series, too!! I have quite a bit - nine books, two volumes of three books each, and three actually books. I loved that one you got! It was such fun when I was younger and I read Mandie all day long ;)
    Cheap clothes are so awesome! Garage-Saling is the best for that! Most sales around here are Old App. sales, so all the clothes are nice brands and modest.
    This makes me want to go Garage-Saling!!! *Laughs*
    I leave early tomorrow morning!!! *scared* ^_^ but a excited too! Can't wait to write you and tell you all about it!!

    1. I know! What?! You need to go again! *winks*
      I don't have very many yet. I passed up another one at the same garage sale because I thought I might have it... I didn't. ;P
      YESS! It's so awesome finding cute clothes at garage sales. I'm wearing one of the shirts I bought right now. I'm really liking it and I think it was only 25 cents. *winks*
      You should! Too bad we don't live near each other- then we could go together! :D That would be so much fun!
      YAAYY! I hope you guys have an awesome time! =D I'll be waiting for your letter. *winks*

    2. I do! But I think the garage sale season around here is about over. Shucks. ;P
      Oh man! Too bad you didn't get it. ;P
      I WANT NEW CLOTHES!!! *sniff* when I get back from NH... ;D
      *squeals nonstop* XD XD XD XD

    3. Over already? O.O Sad. ;P
      I know... *shakes head at self*
      YES, new clothes are the besst. ;D
      I KNOWWW!!!

  2. Garage sales are epic. :) You're tripod is SO COOL!! :D

  3. FIVE OR SIX HOURS OF SLEEP AND YOU ARE UP AND GARAGE-SALING AT FIVE IN THE MORNING. You guys are insane! (but just as awesome, too, don't get me wrong ;))
    And yayyyyy you got a tripod! I also have one, which I loooove using to get pictures of the stars. <333 Oooh, you got a Mandy book? Have you watched any of the Mandy movies yet?
    Nope, never pruned bushes, BUT Mom and I stopped at a garage sale this past weekend and got an elephant toy for my little sister, and a butterfly cage for my other sister. You can find lots of treasures at garage sales, amiright? *wink*
    I hope you are enjoying your May, girl!!

    1. Ha, yea, I should've got to bed earlier... but I still probably wouldn't have fallen asleep right away. ;P
      I knowww! Yes, those are soo handy for star pictures!
      Yes, I've watched the three Mandie movies. :) I like the books best, though it's been quite awhile since I've read them. ;)
      Yes, that's the fun thing about garage sales and thrift stores- they're like a treasure hunt! :D So much fun.
      I am! Hope you're enjoying it too!

  4. EEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!
    LOVED. LOVED. *sing song voice* LOOOVVEED! this post, girl!! :)
    Garage sales are TOTALLY wonderful, and just- FUN! You can find so many treasures, like Ariel said. ;) I like thinking about WHERE those treasures have gone! (I get carried off day dreaming ALL the time! =))
    Enjoy your day!! =D
    Jaidyn Elise

      I know, they really are. I just love buying things, so garage sales are awesome to me. ^____^

  5. I love garage-saling! :D
    You can always find awesome deals, and sometimes great treasures!
    Emily once bought a beautiful handmade quilt for, like, $20? That's a steal! Most hand-sewn quilts cost up to $300. Whew.
    You want a 70's pickup, too? *dies because SO DO I!*

    1. ME TOO! ;D
      Yes, it's so much fun!
      Wow, that is a steal! I love finding great deals!
      Really?! I love how they look! I'm not sure I'd like the gas mileage though. ;) I think it'd be so fun to have a pickup like that though. :D

  6. Wow, great finds! I don't go garage sailing very much :( . I wish we did and I have a feeling I'll do it more often when I'm driving myself around. I haven't found too much cause to use my tripod as of yet. I mostly use it for group photos that I have to be in, selfies, and night pictures. But I know of photographers who use them for everything. And $5?! Amazing find!

    1. Thanks! That's too bad, 'cause garage sales are lots of fun. ;) Yea, star pictures and self photos are probably what I use a tri-pod for most, though there are other things. Yes, isn't that an awesome deal? There was actually another tri-pod (maybe even the same kind?!) at a different garage sale, and I think it was the same price! O.O Hopefully another photographer found it and got a great deal too. ;)

  7. I LOVE to go garage-saling! it is SO much fun! I haven't gone this year yet but I hope to! Looks like you found some pretty good deals! Enjoyed this post! <333 (I have been neglecting my blog too so it's ok) ;P

    1. Yes, it's quite fun! :D Hopefully you can go sometime and find some good deals. ;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. WOW great deal on that tripod! Btw, sorry I never got to that tag! I decided to stop doing them right after you tagged me sometime...but I really appreciate you thought of me ;)
    Maybe sometime in the future I'll need a random post xD

    1. Yes, it was!! That's OK- it was just if you wanted to. ;)
      Maybe! ;D