Friday, August 26, 2016


 Hi everyone! :) I'm still living... it's just not as easy to get on the internet as when I'm home, plus I've been fairly busy lately helping with my cousins wedding preparations and whatever. :)
  But yea, I'm not even home yet. I've been gone since July 19th. I've kind of gone on three different vacations in a row. First the west coast (I'll get the rest of the posts done on that someday, never fear. ;P), then the youth and singles retreat thing (which was fun, by the way :) ), and now I'm visiting people. :D ON MY OWN. I'm spreading my wings! Sort of. I've had a good time. Some thrift shopping, getting a new wardrobe of hand me down clothes from cousins (THE BEST :D). I even bought

I found this on DVD for $2 at a thrift store. :) Now I can watch it! (it's a good movie, right? :P)

Anyhow, just stopping in to update you all a bit! :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

My Trip to the West Coast: part 1

  Hey peoples, I'm back...!... on this blog. I decided to start posting about my vacation while still on vacation. :) 
  I have like, around a day left here, but for me, going home might be prolonged. I'm going to this youth\singles thing in another state! I've never been to it, but I've heard of it. I'm going with my older sister, and some of our cousins and other people we know are going, so it's going to be fun! :D It's sort of like a convention, and maybe a bit like camp... I don't know. It's put on by a bunch of different churches, and you listen to a sermon\talk or something, eat, and have fun with people! It sounds pretty fun. :D

OK, I'll get down to business and show you the first part of my vacation: the traveling and first day. (Yes, I've taken lots of pictures- over a thousand so far ;P) 

 We got on our first flight, and then had to wait for a long time because there were storms at our next stop... but we did take off, eventually. Isn't it trilling when the plane started zooming down the runway really fast? :)

"Me" in the plane...or rather, my lovely converse shoes! :)

   Our stop was in Texas- I believe it was my first visit to Texas. :) Or course, it was just an airport... but we had to stay there for a while, since because of the storms, our first flight was delayed, and thus late, and thus we missed our flight from Texas. :P 
  So we ate supper and all. And there was a cool scene out the window of our gate. The moon was full and rising, and there were pretty pink clouds. But I didn't get any very good pictures because of annoying window reflections. :\

I got some nice bokeh though! :D
  By the time we got on our next flight, it was dark. This picture is of a city from the air. :)
  This flight was like, four hours. At night. Our plane left at 9 something in the night. I was in a middle seat, and while I think I slept a little, sitting there got uncomfortable. :P 
  The flight finally ended! We got off, got our luggage, and went outside to meet our ride. While driving to my aunt and uncle's, I watched "in awe" of all the evergreen trees everywhere- lovely. :)  

    I woke the next morning to this view- and fresh cool air. It was wonderful. :)
 I've eaten lots of berries on this trip: blueberries and raspberries from gardens, as well as blackberries and thimbleberries along the road and other places, and huckleberries and wild blueberries on hikes and other "adventures", which I'll tell you about. ;) But yes, there are LOTS of berries here. 

 The picture above is a bee on a blackberry blossom. :)

 Later that day I went down to my Grandma's and saw a bunch of my cousins, and played flag football with them and stuff. :D

 Well, I'm going to go now. I have stuff to do before I leave tomorrow to the youth\singles thing. :) We're going to be on the road for two days, I think. 0.o I think I'm going to be experiencing the aches of sitting in a seat for hours and hours... It'll be worth it though! :)