Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Remodeling Your House Looks Like

As most of you probably know, my family bought a house, and we have been doing a lot of work on it. Right now, I think we're getting to the point of putting flooring in. Well, maybe. We still haven't exited the long tunnel of painting. It'll be nice when I can stop breathing those paint chemicals. ;P Other than painting, my dad has been working on the kitchen. He put in our new cabinets and built a pantry. So it's coming, guys! =D It's exciting! When it's done, I must do a big long post showing you everything. But for now, you only get glimpses. *winks*

So, these are some snapshots of what remodeling your house looks like.

It looks like work supplies everywhere

It looks like half-painted walls

It looks like rough and dirty

It looks like fresh, new, and beautiful

It looks like paint-speckled skin, and sticky tape

It looks like anticipating all the food breaks

It looks like worn rags and used brushes

It looks like turning your good clothes into paint ones

It looks like zoning into work mode and having your thoughts as company

It looks like empty rooms with bare floors

It looks like finding enjoyment in the work


Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Blue Sky Tag

I was tagged by Shantelle @ Between the Pages of this Bookish Life for the Blue Sky Tag! Thanks for tagging me! :)

So, here it is!

1) What would you say is the hardest season that God has brought you through so far? Looking back, what did he teach you through that season? 

I'm not really sure what to say for this... I'm not one to tell about my struggles. ;P I'll just say that during one hard time, I remember praying- not saying I never pray in good times! It's just like, you start clinging to God more when troubles come your way. We should do that always! :)

2) What is one book\verse from the Bible that has inspired you lately?

I came across this a while ago, but I'll still use it. ;)

3) Do you prefer tea or coffee? And what kind (black or with cream or sugar, herbal tea, lattes, etc.)?

I don't really love either of them. Peppermint mocha frappuccinos are delicious, though. One of the very few coffee drinks I've had in my life. Plus coffee flavored things are awesome. *winks*

4) What is one sermon\talk that you think every Christian should listen to?

I don't really listen to very many, besides church. There were some videos we watched once on Creation vs. Evolution that I thought were really good. I think they were by Jobe Martin.

5) What is one (or more) book that you think every Christian should read? 

The Bible! I don't think I have anything else, as I've not read much. I may not have even finished any inspirational books yet. ;P

6) What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress? 

Uhh... reading... watching a movie... playing games? Not thinking about all the pictures I have to go through, aaaah. I'm not really sure what I do. I guess I'm not stressed very often unless I'm thinking about my pictures or something. xP One thing that might refresh me is going to town. :) A bit of excitement. *shrugs*

7) Was there a time in your life that God answered a prayer in a really amazing way (share the story!)?

I don't think I've ever had anything really amazing happen... but I do know there have been those times when I pray about something and then when it turns out good, I remember how I'd prayed about it... and God answered with a yes. :) Just what we probably all experience.

8) What is one childhood hobby that you wish you'd kept pursuing? 

I don't know? Like Shantelle, I took ballet when I was little, and there have been times I thought I'd like to do it again. But I already have photography, and I'm not sure I'd be passionate  enough about ballet or not, though it would be great to be all strong and flexible. *tries to touch my toes* ;P

9) What do you dislike most, spiders or snakes? 

I'd say spiders, especially since I have to face them much more often than snakes. xP

10) What is your favorite hymn?

I like Be Thou My Vision. I'll leave it at that and not find any more. *winks*

11) What books do you really want to read this summer?

I definitely want to read Exiles by Jaye L. Knight this month!

I will probably be reading Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson 

Here are some other possibilities:

Okay, so now I have to *gulp* tag eleven people?! Let's see...

Michaila The Wonderkept Life

Emmaline @ Crystal Ice Studio

Julia @ The Barefoot Gal

Lakaysha @ Calico and Lace

Liberty @ The Elegant Cowgirl

Peter @ The Endzone

Allison @ A Farm Girl's Life

Well, I got nine. Good enough. ;P


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1) What was one of your scariest moments?

2) What is one thing you want to experience\do in life?

3) Favorite vegetable (even if you don't like any ;P)?

4) What's one of your favorite Bible verses?

5) If you could write one message to the entire world, what would it be?

6) One book you hope to read this year?

7) If you were to go into a movie and be the main character, which movie would you choose?

8) What is your description of the perfect day?

9) Italian food or Mexican?

10) What is one of your favorite stores?

11) What's your favorite season and why?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Survey Results

My survey ended today, so I have some results to share! Thirteen people took it- thank you guys so much! <3 

So, the type of posts you all enjoy most, according to the survey, are as follows:

1. Life updates

2. Photography

3. Drawings and other artsy things

4. Tags

5. Fashion ideas posts

6. Inspirational posts

7. Recipes

8. Book reviews

So life updates and photography posts are your favorite posts! :) Well, overall. *winks*

 As for the days I'll post... every Tuesday and Saturday won. So that's the blog schedule I'll attempt to stay on, starting this Saturday! :) I hope you guys will forgive me if I miss a day in the next couple weeks, because we've been fairly busy working on our house, then I'm going to be leaving for a week... ;P I'm sure I'll find time though.

Thank you all for your suggestions and kind words about my blog! I'll probably be changing my design sometime, as some of you suggested, but right now I don't really have the time. 

So those are the results! Again, thank you all so much! =D


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Forties- Style Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures I took of my sister the other day. It's kinda a forties look. :) 

Hope you enjoy!


note: I think these are all unedited, besides turning one black and white


Friday, June 16, 2017

June 2017 \\ Currently

Here's the CURRENTLY post of June for y'all! I'm trying to change it up, as you'll probably see. I'm going to putting less details, because otherwise I just kinda repeat some of the same things in my monthly highlights post. 

So, currently this month!


We've been working on our house a lot. When we have to have the AC off because the windows are open... talk about sweating. *dies* That makes it so much worse to spend so many hours there. ;P

Going to Chick-fil-A with siblings on a day we took off from working at the house. :) Then we went to the store, and me and two of my sisters split a big bag of jelly beans. *grins* Those awesome little jelly beans with allll the different flavors. I'd like if there were a little more coffee flavors, and buttered popcorn. xD 
Then driving home with the window down and music on. 

Hanging out with friends and family most Sundays for Bible study. We're not having this week though.


Alone by Hollyn is a song I recently heard for the first time. It has a little more of a "wild" beat than what I normally listen to, but I like it. It's passionate, and has a good message. *winks*


Dare by Tricia Mingerink

Two of my sisters love these books, so it's pretty much a guarantee I'll love them. ;P It's been good so far! A little creepy too, because Vane... yikes. And the evil king.


Jelly beans, what else?

And these peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies I made, of course. SO GOOD. Who else loves things with peanut butter in them?


This one. <33 Love how it turned out.


Ordering your food at a restaurant and you kinda know the person working there. First having to correct something you said, then asking "what?" a million times because you didn't hear what they said. ;P Nice.

Your brother, putting some stuff that kills cockroaches behind the refrigerator. "Ah, I could put this in someones lemonade!" *shakes head*

Your brother with what's left of a can of something that cleans up oil paints and stuff. Puts some on a stick thing and lights it on fire, then puts it into the can. All fascinated, of course. Boys and fire. *winks and laughs*

While painting trim and such at our house, my brother's (again) make-belief thing about owning the best paint company, and we're his workers. His pretend\story things are so funny. xP

Taking a walk down the road with my sisters, with our bowls full of jelly beans. xD 

All the twilight\night walks with siblings, with the fireflies, the moon, the stars, and the smell of summer. *sigh*


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Photos: Summer Silhouettes

I'm doing a photography post on this blog? Yep! I might start doing them on here again, and stop blogging much on my photography site.

I took these the other evening. Hope you enjoy them! :)

I edited out the wire in this one

darkened this one