Saturday, July 29, 2017

Artist Spotlight: For King and Country

Hey all! Today I'm going to do the first in (hopefully) a collection of posts spotlighting different artists that I like!

The artist\band I am spotlighting today is For King and Country, a fairly new favorite of mine, though I've know of them for awhile.

They're a Christian Pop band founded by two brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone. I really like both of their voices. They even have Australian accents. *laughs at myself* They also have this old-fashioned, gallant gentleman look to them, especially when they wear those long coats, or suspenders *winks*. Not to mention that taken a stand on men having chivalry and treating women right, which is really cool.

Anyhow, their music is my style, and you should check them out if you haven't already! Here's a few of their songs.


This is a really great song! Two guys singing about how women are priceless. <3

There is also a movie called Priceless that I think For King and Country helped inspire. I recently watched it, and it was really good! Here's what it's about, copied and pasted:

  Desperately in need of money and in hopes of regaining custody of his daughter, James (Joel Smallbone) embarks on a cross-country delivery for cash -- no questions asked. When he discovers that he is delivering two young women, the questions in his mind begin haunting him mercilessly. When James finds himself falling for one of the women, he becomes an unlikely hero and must fight to save the innocence and lives of both of the ladies.

So you should go watch it! *winks*

\\Run Wild\\

\\Without You (feat. Courtney)\\

This is a song Luke sings with his wife, inspired by a difficult time in their life when Luke almost died.

\\Fix My Eyes\\



I hope this was enjoyable, and maybe you found a new favorite band! *winks*


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Savory Potato "Pancakes"

It's about time I did a recipe post, don't you agree? This recipe has been sitting in my drafts box for awhile, so I finally decided to get it posted. *winks*

These are potato cakes. Potato patties, whatever you'd like to call them. I found the idea somewhere, so yea... what else to say? I'll give the recipe. ;P 



1 potato, chopped, boiled, and mashed

1 egg



garlic salt 


Any other spices you'd like! 


 Mix all ingredients well. Grease a pan or skillet and cook each side until browned. 

You can try this alongside eggs, with hamburger gravy perhaps, or just with ketchup! *winks* They're pretty good. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Down the Road and Up the Creek || PHOTOS

While working at our new house, me and some younger siblings sometimes take a break and ride our skateboards and scooters down the road to a creek nearby. I've walked there a couple times too... but riding something is obviously a lot more fun. ;P

So some pictures of a time I took my camera along! *winks*

Photo credit to my little sister. ;)
We go down under the road, and it's pretty much dry down there. I don't know if this is usually a river? Because right now it's obviously really low. I'm just going to call it a creek. *winks*

  My siblings bring fishing line tied onto pieces of wood with some sort of hook at the end to catch little fish. I tried it too... but didn't catch anything. ;P I had quite a nice time with all the photo opportunities the one time I brought my camera. 

All the water striders.

We ventured down the creek the last couple times we went.

Someone pulled a reflector thing up... or it washed away in a flood? All the speculations. ;P 

 Nothing taking off your shoes and walking in the cool water. *winks*

We saw a small snake that could've been a copperhead the last time we went. We've seen others as well... :P

  This was a fun photo opportunity. *grins* Not that I'm fond of spiders... but this one is just a "nice" woods spider. ;P

So yea, just some pictures of one of our little adventures amidst the working days. *winks* 


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 2017\\ Currently

Time for July currently! Saturday should've been when I posted this, but I had something else scheduled for that day, and it was too late to get this post ready instead when I realized it was time for a Currently post... so yea...


\\ We've still been working at our house, but hopefully we can start moving in soon... We have all of our flooring in, except for the tile!

The floor is gorgeous. ;P  It's vintage style, so why wouldn't I like it? *winks*

\\ Also, we've gone to Sonics a couple times after working. Then I drove my dad's big Ram truck. I must not be a bad driver, because we all lived. ;P

\\ I've found little adventures along the way, but we haven't been doing much besides working at houses, running errands, and sitting at home on days off.


I'm reading Exiles by Jaye L. Knight to review for the blog tour. :)


Blueberries! We got a few boxes-full from a Mennonite store, and have been eating them all the time. *winks*

Also been eating too much junk food. *cough* That's what happens when your life gets more busy.


 \\ When you keep snapping nails. The ones in that old house we worked on at the missions thing. ;P

\\ When you try to find all the pictures to print out. THIS STRESSES ME OUT SO BAD. It's so HARDDDD. HELP.

\\ When you meet new people. The same old comments. "You're so quiet!" Yep, I know that. I've known that forever. Why is it so crazy?

\\ When your nice pen smells like cologne. *gags* I found it at our new house. ;P

\\ When a semi-truck passes you. *blink blink* Come on, really?

\\ When you start talking to people more normally than since forever. *is happy* 


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Three Summer Outfits

Yes, summer's almost half-way over... but it isn't too late to give some summer fashion inspirations. I had probably originally intended to do more than just three... but putting together a nice outfit is one thing, THEN you have to get pictures, which can be hard. ;P 

But I have three, so I hope you like them! *smiles*


   A maxi skirt, white shirt, long sleeveless white "over-thing", short country-style brown boots, wide brown belt, and necklace w\ light blue "jewel"


  High-low sleeveless blue dress, long sleeveless white "over-thing", white leggings, silver necklaces, silver "sandal-heels"


   Sleeveless off-white lace dress, brown leggings, wide brown belt, short brown country-style boots

I'll have to try to put together more outfits, because I do enjoy this. It just takes a lot of time! :)


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Great Experience

I just got back from that mission event for young people, late Thursday night. It was a great experience! I went with some of our friends from here, and a few people I didn't know well. The drive was around 2-3 hours, so not bad. We stayed at a high school- my room was a Chemistry lab. ;D 

The first night I didn't get to sleep well at all, but that was just the first night, thankfully. *winks* I slept good the rest of the time.

The second day was Sunday, so we all went to local churches for worship, ate lunch, and went to the place where we'd be working. My group was going to do work on an older man's house. He has breathing problems, so he couldn't do it himself- plus he wouldn't have been able to afford it. His house was in rough shape. We replaced some of the boards on the side of the house, gave it a fresh coat of paint, replaced most of the metal under-trimming (which I painted most of it black myself *winks*), painted the front porch, and fixed up the back porch. Me and my friend helped a lot with the back porch. We screwed most of the "floor" boards on ourselves. *is proud of myself* ;P But it was cool to see how much our work meant to the man. He just kept on thanking us- and he might even start going to church now. It's so awesome to make a difference in someone's life! :)

Okay, so I kinda jumped to the end of the story there. That's the working part. 

In between working, worship, devotions, and meals we just had a good time hanging out. I got to know the people I came with better during these times (and devotions, I suppose), which was awesome. ;) 

The book I occasionally read during free time 

Sometimes we'd play games, eat snacks, or just hang out in the cafeteria. And of course, we ate here too. I love that cafeteria. ;D

Worship was sometime after supper, in the gym. We sat in the bleachers, and let me tell you, sitting on the benches isn't very comfortable. ;P The chairs are way better. That's obvious.

We got up around 5-something to 6 in the morning to get ready to work and eat breakfast. I am NOT used to getting up that early! I probably looked half-dead some of the times walking in for breakfast. ;P The worst part was probably getting out of bed- after that, you're pretty much good. It wasn't that hard though.

The hallway in the girl's area. Sleeping in a school was a cool experience. *winks* I kinda miss this week...   

After work, there was bound to be a giant line for the showers. That's a shower trailer right there- there was five showers in it, for all the girls\ladies to use. The best thing to do was change and hang out until the line went way down. :P Maybe I'm weird, but the shower trailer was a fun experience too. xP Especially racing down the hall to get your things and going out there bare-foot so you can get in before other people. ;D

Sorry about the bad pictures- they WEREN'T taken with my good camera, plus a lot are probably quick snapshots. I think I edited all of them a little. ;P 

It rained quite a bit while we were there. This picture was from the evening we left for home. 

So all in all, it was a really great time, and I'd definitely think about going again next year! =D


Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Favorites Tag

I was tagged by Liberty @ The Elegant Cowgirl for The Favorites Tag! 

1) What is your favorite thing to do at home?

I don't know if I have a favorite. I enjoy playing games with my siblings (when I can actually get them to do it), reading, blogging... just, a lot of things. ;P

2) Which is your favorite, cats or dogs?

Probably cats?

3) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I don't know if I'd move from where I live right now, because I've moved enough in my life and I don't want to start over again. However, if I did move, I'd want it to be somewhere where I have family and relatives. 

4) Do you love to travel?

I definitely love going on vacations!

5) What is your dream job?

I don't care to have a big career, but I definitely want to be a photographer- self employed. *winks*

6) What is your dream vacation?

Ooh, let's see... A road trip with a bunch of cousins or friends would be SO MUCH FUN! Or on the fancier side, I'd love to go to Europe. :)

7) Do you have a favorite drink? What is it?

Um, maybe lemonade? Or punch with sprite added? Just something fruity? Favorites are too hard. ;P

8) What is your favorite home-cooked meal?

TOO MANY. We'll just go with lasagna and leave it at that, OK? 

9) Which would you prefer, pop (aka soda *winks*) or water?

Well, if you asked me which I like better as a whole, I'd probably say water, because there's nothing like water. ;) I'd probably choose soda over water most times I'm at a restaurant though.

10) Who is your favorite singer?

I don't think I could pick a favorite... that's too hard. But a few I like? Danny Gokey, For King and Country, Lauren Daigle, Hollyn, Josh Turner...

11) Ice cream or a milkshake? 

Probably ice cream! :)


Everybody who's reading this! *laughs* If you want to do it. :)


Answer the questions

Tag as many people as you'd like

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spicy's Photo Session... and a few facts about our feline pet

Our cat, Spicy, has been with us nearly a decade. How many outside cats live that long? She's such a good cat. Although I don't appreciate it when she sneaks in the house and I find her sitting in my bed. *shakes head* That is crossing the lines, cat. xP But besides that, she's a good hunter and is very easy-going. Not the typical grumpy cat that randomly scratches you. ;P 

Definitely a pet worth honoring with her own post of pictures, agreed? *winks*

I think the only editing I did was some re-touch, mostly on the cat's face, and making some black and white. I don't think they all have editing though.

Shot this through my ring. :)

I feel like this has a vintage look to it... even though that truck isn't vintage. ;P

See? Easy-going. ;P There has been a little kid doing something to her that would probably make a normal cat mad, and she just sits there. My brother will pick her up and hold her like a baby, and she doesn't seem to mind. *winks and laughs* Sometimes her and our dog will be sitting near each other, getting along just fine. We've had them both for almost the same amount of time. But our dog likes to tease, so they definitely fight too. Just like siblings. xP